Spend Time With Loved Ones…

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Why should the winter holiday season be the only time to enjoy your friends and loved ones? While it’s still early in the year, plan to set aside time for someone close to you, or someone you’d like to know better.

  • Make a list of friends you’ve lost touch with over the years. Scribble a note in your planner to call one of them every other month just to catch up.
  • Plan private time with your significant other. Send the kids to sleep over at a friend’s house so that you can be together in the comfort of your own home.
  • Make a date with each of your kids to go out where he or she chooses. Use the opportunity to have fun together, just the two of you, without mentioning schoolwork or a messy room.
  • Use a special event, like a new exhibition at a museum or a craft fair, to invite a friend for a “walk and talk” afternoon.
  • Keep postcards and stamps handy, so that you can drop the people you love a note whenever you think of it. 

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