Get Your Mojo Back with 35 Things to Look Forward To

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I know many of you have not felt positive about life in general over the past year. Mostly because of a virus that has limited certain freedoms, harmed health and for many caused economic challenges. But if one remains mindful of how much there is to look forward to, a plan can be put in place to get that mojo back in both good and bad times.

If you want to change a situation and feel better, consider creating a “list of things to look forward to.” Then plan to pursue and participate in a few areas of personal interest. There are literally thousands of things to look forward to and participate in. And when planning to participate – than do… often provides the path for wellness and peace of mind.

I have listed “35 things to look forward to” to help you develop a list

  1. Holidays and Annual celebrations with family and friends
  2. Learn to play a musical instrument
  3. Begin a home exercise routine
  4. Take a road trip with a friend
  5. Make date nights with spouse
  6. Sip wine with a significant other watching the sun set
  7. Begin a home improvement project
  8. Host a theme party
  9. Meet with friends on a sunny day in a park
  10. Becoming a grandparent
  11. Turning 18 and 21
  12. Knowing you’re going to be a parent
  13. Participating in an online chat group of interest
  14. Learn how to plant Indoor and outdoor gardens
  15. Becoming independent and figure out what you want in life
  16. Learning a new hobby
  17. Work towards the job you’ve always wanted
  18. Meet your future husband or wife
  19. Take a college course
  20. Purchase your first house
  21. Make a bucket list – plan to complete it 
  22. Celebrate a big birthday
  23. Take a dream vacation
  24. Attend a favorite concert
  25. Raise children
  26. Buy your first car
  27. Hike and camp within a mountainous area
  28. Watch your children graduate from school
  29. Cook a new recipe
  30. Adopt a puppy
  31. Experience a different culture
  32. Start an online business
  33. Volunteer for a cause
  34. Begin a daily walking program
  35. Leaving a legacy

Do not allow any environmental situation to depress you to the point of not living life to the fullest. Recall, as Americans we have a lot to be thankful for with the freedoms for anyone to get through challenging times. By remaining mindful of things to look forward to and actively pursuing them, people are more likely to sustain a state of wellbeing to weather any storm. Create a list that is right for you, select a few areas of interest to participate in and plan to live the lifestyle you need, want and deserve now… and get your mojo back!

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