Opinion: King City council appointments

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To the Editor:

I was in attendance at (the May 15) council meeting. Regarding the appointment process that took place, I thought it was a poor showing by the City Council. Knowing what was going to take place, it was quite evident that the council seemed very confused as to how they were going to proceed.

It appeared that Councilor Manelis was able to pick who he wanted on the “slate” to be considered. Was this done in accordance with the municipal code?

For the council to immediately decide that Mr. Ocholi should be reappointed a seat right after being recalled was a slap on the face to everyone in King City who voted to recall him. And for Councilor Manelis to justify this by his statement that he should be reappointed to represent the “marginalized community” was to me an absurd statement. Remember, he, like the rest, were recalled for their stance on the Transportation System Plan/Fischer Road extension. Nothing more.

I also felt it odd that several of the other “highly qualified” applicants weren’t even mentioned in the discussion, even though they were all sitting right there. Instead, they were told that hopefully they would run in November. That’s what Mr. Ocholi should have been told, rather than appoint him to a term that is longer than his prior seat would have lasted.

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