Is There a Formula to Become a Millionaire? 

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We live in a land of opportunity – so, why do more people doubt their ability to attain wealth than ever before?

While the effects of an unstable economy impact everyone, younger generations may take the biggest hit in the short term, which could trickle down to how they are – or aren’t – able to forge a strong financial future. 

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, I’m co-hosting an event with Raquel Muller, a trained psychologist and financial educator with WealthWave, that aims to address the growing gap through safe and simple financial education. During the event, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of how money works and share tips to help you achieve financial freedom sooner, no matter your starting point. 

Muller, a revered colleague, has dedicated her career to teaching young people how to invest, build a nest egg, and grow it into a financial fortress. She is particularly passionate about empowering women in this area after growing up in Panama, where her parents emphasized the importance of education. 

While Muller’s passion is with equities and other financial products, mine is geared toward real estate investing and diversifying long-term investment goals. I have owned and operated rental properties for more than 40 years and see tremendous opportunity for anyone interested in learning more. 

We’ve teamed up because we believe that becoming a millionaire is a formula available to everyone. Let us show you how it works – join us at my office in West Portland on Oct. 4 for a “back-to-the-basics” education course on investing. Hope to see you there! 

What’s Your Future Hold?

When: Wednesday, October 4 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: PacRes Mortgage 13010 SW 68th Parkway, Suite 145 Portland, OR 97223
RSVP: Tim McBratney: 503-905-4938 or

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