Mi Pisco Brings Traditional Peruvian Cuisine to Tigard

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“Peruvian food is more about the experience – the textures, the flavors, the different salsas,” says Sheyla Veloz, co-owner of Mi Pisco Peruvian Restaurant in Tigard. Veloz and co-owner/chef José Palma both have years of experience in the restaurant industry. Having always wanted to open a Peruvian restaurant, the two opened Mi Pisco in December 2023. The restaurant has been bustling and full ever since!

“Some of the most important things about Peruvian food are the process and the ingredients,” Sous-chef Kenny Claudio shares. Claudio and Veloz are both from Peru, bringing their expertise and personal touch to Mi Pisco’s menu. “I get a lot of inspiration from my mother and my grandma’s recipes,” Veloz shares.  

“If you change the base, you change a lot,” says chef and co-owner José Palma, who has worked in Peruvian restaurants for over twenty years. When asked to describe the menu, Palma says, “Traditional, but with our own touch.”

Ceviche is the first dish that I try. The dish is beautifully plated, with vibrant orange sweet potatoes, red habanero peppers, and hunks of Hawaiian Ono. Palma says of the dish, “You can find ceviche in every restaurant in Peru. Everyone adds their own touch and makes it their way.” Mi Pisco’s ceviche has a kick to it, and features the fish of the day, Choclo (Peruvian corn), Cancha (toasted corn), and red onion. The menu offers a variety of different types of ceviche to choose from, including vegetarian options!

Next is the Lomo Saltado. The dish features top sirloin, potatoes, aji amarillo (a Peruvian pepper), and rice. Sous-chef Kenny Claudio shares that the dish is traditionally served with fries. At Mi Pisco, the tender, juicy meat is paired with an assortment of fried potatoes. “In Peru, there are over 2,000 types of potatoes,” he tells me. “We use a variety [in the dish].”

Many of the dishes’ spices and ingredients are shipped directly from Peru. “All the peppers and the yuca are shipped from Peru. A lot of the products we can’t find very easily in the supermarket,” says Veloz. When they can, though, chef José Palma shares that they like to choose local ingredients. “I love the farmers market,” he says. 

The Chicha Morada, a sweet, antioxidant-rich Peruvian drink, is derived from purple corn that is also shipped from Peru. Palma says, “It’s prepared for three to four hours. The flavor comes from the spices, pineapple, and apple.” The drink can also be purchased as a cocktail for those who stop by Mi Pisco for a night out!

The drink pairs well with all the dishes, but it’s especially lovely with the Arroz con Mariscos. This rich, flavorful rice dish is made with an Ajipanca (Peruvian red pepper) base. It features the seafood of the day (today, it was a large fried shrimp) along with rice, assorted seafood, and salsa criolla. It’s my favorite dish of the meal and perfect for a sunny spring day.

The restaurant itself is a colorful, welcoming space, with artwork lining the walls. Many of Mi Pisco’s decorations come from Veloz’s family in Peru. At the entrance, there is a large tapestry depicting Machu Picchu with beautiful green grass and a vast blue sky. It’s a gorgeous work of art, and another example of Veloz, Palma, Claudio, and the rest of the team’s commitment to giving dining guests a wonderful experience at their restaurant.

“It’s very important to us that everyone is welcome. Kids, seniors, everyone,” says Palma. He adds that they are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions on their varied, remarkable menu. For those looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind dining experience this spring, look no further than this gem of a restaurant. 

Mi Pisco Peruvian Restaurant is located at 11642 SW Pacific Hwy. in Tigard. For menu and hours, visit mipiscorestaurant.com or call 971-297-6791

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