Thinking About Moving to a 55+ Planned Community?

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One of the biggest advantages of living in a 55+ planned development like Summerfield, King City or the Highlands in the Tigard area is the ability of the Association to preserve, protect and enhance property values.

Often, we think of the Association as a collection of Rules limiting personal freedoms and individuality. But, it is those same Rules that protect, preserve and enhance the investment each of us have in our home. When you dust off your copy of the CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) and read them, you will see that the Board of Directors have a precise blueprint on how to protect your investment.

As an owner, you have committed yourself to become business partners with every other owner in the community. But, in order to achieve the primary goal of the Association (to preserve, protect and enhance property values) certain Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions had to be established in order to achieve that goal.

In those CC&R’s, the Board is given the authority to establish Policies and Procedures that complement the Association’s purpose. When we follow the CC&R’s and the Policies and Procedures, we are doing part of our duty as members of the Association. Your Board of Directors is given the charge of overseeing the operations of the Association and to see to it that the CC&R’s and Policies and Procedures are followed by the Association’s members.

The Board is made up of owners. They volunteer their time and energy to serve the Association because they care about the investment they have in it. Committees are formed to assist the Board with their charge. These committees are made up of volunteer owners. When you volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors of a planned development, or you volunteer to serve on a committee, you are doing part of your duty as a member of the Association. Finally, the Board of Directors meet on a regular basis in order to make decisions, keep up-to-date on Association business and to hear from other owners in order to make proactive business decisions.

As owners, keeping abreast of association matters and contributing is good business. When you choose to attend the Board meetings, you are doing part of your duty as a member of the Association.

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