School Choice is Coming to Give Parents Back their Voice in Education

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Education Freedom for Oregon is bringing School Choice to Oregon to empower Oregon K-12 parents with the constitutional right to choose the school that best fits their children’s needs and give parents back their voice in their children’s education. 

These “of the people, by the people” citizen initiatives will give parents education choices. Public school parents may choose to have their children attend any public or charter school in Oregon regardless of attendance boundaries; if the school has classroom or program space, the school must enroll the child. If more students choose a particular public school than spaces available, students will be selected through an equitable lottery process. Private school/homeschool parents may opt-out of public school and request an account into which will be transferred a portion of Oregon’s education dollars. Once deposited into the account, the dollars will no longer be public funds. Parents may direct the dollars to be spent on education items for their children, such as private school tuition, curricula, tutors, and education therapy. Any funds left over yearly will roll over, and after the child completes high school, any remaining funds may be used to pay for education at a college, university, vocational or trade school in Oregon. The state may not force participating parents and education providers to change their creed, education practices, curricula, teaching credentials or qualifications, or admission policies. 

We are collecting signatures on our petitions to bring School Choice to Oregon. Join us! 

To learn more about Education Freedom for Oregon, contact or

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