Can your dog benefit from CBD?

Mutt Munchease
Mutt Munchease
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Most have heard of CBD, but what exactly is it, and why in the world would you give it to your pet? Is it safe? What are the benefits and risks? Will my dog get high and sit on the couch begging for Doritos and Mountain Dew all day?

Here are the ABCs of CBD:

The CBD industry is growing fast as more studies reveal the multiple benefits for not only humans but animals as well. CBD can help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, joint, gut, and heart health, seizures, and ease the pain and nausea for cancer patients.

So, what is CBD? CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. CBD has been used for its therapeutic properties for centuries, and now, thanks to growing research, scientists are getting a clearer picture of the benefits of CBD. 

To help understand how CBD works, it helps to know about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which assists in keeping both human and animal bodies functioning properly.

ECS is comprised of a network of receptors throughout the peripheral and nervous system that, when functioning properly, the body system functions in homeostasis or equilibrium. When ECS is out of balance, symptoms and disease can occur. When CBD is consumed, it interacts with ECS receptors that deal with pain, movement, appetite, memory, immune system and other functions. The body needs CBD to help the ECS do its job!

When shopping for CBD, there are important factors to look for to assure the highest quality for your pet. Is the product produced from hemp free of toxins? How is it processed? The best method is done with cold -press CO2 to assure purity. Some companies implement cheap methods and toxic solvents such as butane and propane, which are dangerous to consume. The product should always be tested by an independent lab.

Three years ago, I began making CBD treats at home for our sweet aging mutt to ease her joint pain. I could see immediate changes in her and was thrilled (so was she!).  My husband and I already owned a business contract manufacturing CBD for humans, so I decided to start a line of CBD products for pets that was human-grade quality at a reasonable cost. 

It is incredibly rewarding to hear how CBD has improved the quality of life for them.

 CBD is safe for animals but check with your veterinarian if you have concerns, especially if your pet is currently taking medications.

So, now you know your ABCs of CBD to help your pet feel his best!

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