Main Break Causes Road Closure on SW Greenfield Drive

Greenfield, Gaarde
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A water main break on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019, caused major damage to SW Greenfield Drive. On-call staff from the Public Works Department responded and were able to make repairs to the 8-inch water main, however, the road is not expected to reopen until major repairs are complete.

SW Greenfield Drive is closed from SW Maplecrest Court to SW Gaarde Street, and 132nd Avenue from Rockingham Drive to SW Greenfield Drive. It is estimated that roughly 500’ of roadway sustained significant damage during the event. The erosive forces of water from the water main break caused erosion of a substantial amount of gravel and soil from underneath the pavement, leaving large voids and potential for sinkholes.

Greenfield, GaardeDetour Route: The signed detour route for this road closure will be Gaarde Street, to 129th Avenue, to Morningstar Drive, to Greenfield Drive. 

The city is currently working with consultants to determine the structural integrity of the roadway, and the extent of subterranean damage. Once the damage is understood, the city will put together a plan to reconstruct and reopen the road. However, needed repairs could take six months or more.

Tigard Public Works Director Brian Rager stresses the importance of staying out of the work area, saying, “The situation here is unsafe for both vehicles and pedestrians. Please stay out of the closed area and report any suspicious activity to the city.”

Rager regrets the closure, saying, “I know it is inconvenient for folks who travel in this area. Safety is our number one concern while we work to find a solution.”

The 8-inch main failure was due to an eroded cast iron pipe placed over 40 years ago. About eleven homes were without water during the repair. Water service has been restored to all homes in the area. In Tigard, 43 percent of water lines are 40 years and older, posing a higher risk for failure (113 miles of our 262-mile system). The average age of failing water mains is 47 years based on a recent national study.

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