Photo Traffic Enforcement coming to Tigard

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In early 2019, Tigard Police will begin administering Photo Traffic Enforcement for the City of Tigard. Presently, the department is collecting and submitting traffic data to ODOT in effort to move the program forward. This is a required step in the overall process to obtain permission to install the technology. Pacific Highway (99W) is a state highway managed by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Photo enforcement for red light violators will be placed at three intersections along Pacific Highway (99W) in Tigard: Hall Boulevard, Durham Road and 72nd Avenue. Once ODOT issues the required permit, installation will begin. Conduent ( was selected by the City to provide the necessary equipment and support services for the photo enforcement program. Once the permit is issued and construction begins, each intersection is expected to be completed within approximately ten days. After initial testing of the equipment, motorists will be given a warning period to help drivers navigate and become familiar with the program. As soon as the installation begins, a more closely identifiable go-live date will be possible.

Nationwide, photo enforcement has shown impressive results in the strive to reduce red light violations. There is direct correlation between red light runners and intersection traffic crashes which nationally is the most common type of crash. Locally, the City of Beaverton reported a 36 per cent reduction of red light violations during the first nine years of their photo traffic enforcement program. Add to that a 41 per cent reduction in injury crashes during the same period. Overall, all four neighboring cities that currently operate photo enforcement; Beaverton, Portland, Sherwood and Tualatin, have experienced notable successes with the operation of their long-standing photo enforcement programs. The City of Tigard expects to see similar results as well. Initially only red-light violations will be cited, however, later in the year the intent is to activate the component that also includes speed violations.

Please continue to pay attention to updates and information relative to the status of the photo enforcement program. We are confident the effort to bring photo enforcement to Tigard will result in improved safety on Tigard roads. Additional information can be found at: traffic_enforcement.php.

Para el español, visite police/control_fotografico_del_transito.php.

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