5-Easy Steps to Help Parents Effectively Prepare their Home for Winter

prepare house for winter
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It is true that as we become older we keep an eye on our parents helping them with the upkeep of their home.  In that vein, assisting with seasonal care is one area where we can be of service.

As we transition into winter, making sure that any drafty areas around windows and doorframes are addressed can help save money and make the home more comfortable.  Window caulking, weather stripping, or storm windows may be the answer.

Check insulation in the attic as well as under the home.  If pipes are exposed it is an easy and inexpensive fix to obtain tubular foam wrap.  It is pre-sliced and slides over the piping and can be secured with duct tape. 

Annual servicing of the furnace is vital, which is akin to changing the oil in your car, it will help the heating system last much longer and work more efficiently.  This is a key function for the home and for daily comfort so by making this consistent investment, it will save so much in the long term delivering extended life of the furnace.  Monthly changing of the filters, especially with having animals, will help the furnace run cost-effectively.

With the amount of rain we receive in the northwest, it is crucial to make sure that gutters are in good working order. Being securely fastened to the home, free of debris and either draining into the ground or away from the home is critical in making sure the home is protected from the rain.  Water damage from inefficient gutters can become an expensive fix later, such as resulting in flooding of the crawlspace.

Additionally, plants should be trimmed back and garden hoses removed from exterior faucets and a hose bib cover installed over each faucet.

These are easy steps that can be taken to make sure you and your parent’s homes are prepared for the colder season and remain in good working order for winter.

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