Tigard Life Welcomes Cartoonist David Pack

David Pack, in the studio.
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David Pack, a local illustrator and filmmaker, traces his artistic roots to his mom.

“I have been drawing since I was very young,” the 34-year-old Tigard resident, who goes by Pack, says. “My mother was very artistic when I was growing up. She would draw, design and make our clothes.”

Beginning with this issue, Pack will be contributing an original comic titled “Local Sam” to Tigard Life that follows the exploits of a recurring character named Sam. Pack describes the character he developed as an “everyday guy, just like any other resident of Tigard.”

To introduce Pack to our readers, we recently talked to him about his background, personal life and approach to creating comic strips. Check out the conversation below: 

Tigard Life (T.L.): Where are you from?

David Pack (D.P.): “My family is from Salem and Northern California. I was raised in California and moved to Tigard after my son was born.”

(T.L.): Tell us about your professional background

(D.P.): “In my early 20s, I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to study illustration. I found my passion for stop-motion filmmaking soon after leaving school. But I never walked away from illustration and character design. I have also done quite a bit of work as a director and cinematographer for short film and music video production.”

(T.L.): Have you done comic strips before?

(D.P.): “I have worked with publications in the past, one recently being a comic crime series called Three Panel Crimes where a crime story is told using illustrated visuals in – you guessed it –  three panels.”

(T.L.): How do you go about creating a comic strip?

(D.P.): “I usually will write the gag in my head while sketching it out, changing it as I go. I have a giant whiteboard and throughout my day, if I think of a gag I’ll jot it down and come back to it when I’ve given it some time to sit. I also have piles of sketchbooks full of random half-cooked ideas that can sometimes sit for a while before I see it and say, ‘hey that’s not half bad’”

(T.L.): Why do you want to draw for Tigard Life

(D.P.): “I wanted to work with Tigard Life as a cartoonist specifically because I wanted to be involved more with the community by using my humor and ability to draw, which hopefully will bring attention to local matters. My wife and I both come from strong Hispanic and Native American bloodlines and it’s important to us that we embed ourselves in the community we live in and help foster diversity and acceptance so that our son will hopefully do the same as he grows. My inspiration will come from my community.”

(T.L.): Who are your influences?

(D.P.): “I have quite a few influences – too many to name. But I will say the family and friends in my life play a big role in my daily motivations.

(T.L.): Who are some of your favorite artists?

(D.P.): “Creators such as Bill Watterson, Quentin Blake, Chris Sickles, Skinner, Johnny Sampson and Tom Haney – and I’m forgetting 100 others!”

(T.L.): As someone who grew up in California, what appeals to you about the Portland Metro Area?

(D.P.): “I love Tigard and Portland for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that I feel at home here. It’s a place I feel I can raise my son without the worries I had growing up.”

(T.L.): What are your hobbies?

(D.P.): “I enjoy things like bowling, creating art and science with my son and antique shopping with my wife at places like Curiosities and Monticello. But, mostly, my art is my work and my hobby.”

LOCAL SAM by David Pack.

See more of Pack’s work on Instagram:
@creativetypetv or

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