Tigard City Council November races heat up

Tigard City Council
Tigard City Council
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The last few weeks has seen a flurry of activity in local Tigard politics. After an ill-fated effort to pass measure 34-283 “Tigard Levy,” several announcements have been made.

Mayor John Cook announced that he will not be seeking reelection this November. After a five-year search, Mayor Cook and his wife purchased their dream retirement home in unincorporated Washington County in 2016. He plans to move outside city limits in January 2019, making him ineligible to seek another term as Tigard’s Mayor.

In his absence, two current city councilors have announced they would seek the open position.

Councilor Marc Woodward, who was the lone voice on city council opposing the bond measure, announced his candidacy on a platform of accountability, stating “If you believe city government should operate more businesslike and accountable to an informed public… and manage your tax dollars like you’d manage your household budget, you have a rare opportunity in time to make your voice and vote count.”

Council President Jason Snider also announced his candidacy for Mayor. Snider said, “I am running for Mayor because the City of Tigard needs strong, consistent, and effective leadership at this critical time of unprecedented service and budget reductions.”

Councilor John Goodhouse, first elected to the council in 2014 also announced he is running for re-election.

The last remaining city councilor, Tom Anderson, is not up for reelection until the year 2020 and has not made any announcements.

Statements from each of the councilors can be found below

Statement from Mayor John L. Cook.

Statement from Councilor John Goodhouse.

Statement from Councilor Jason Snider.

Statement from Councilor Marc Woodard.


Mayor John L. Cook Announces Retirement

Mayor John L. Cook
Mayor John L. Cook

Mayor John L. Cook, a self-employed CPA and financial advisor, will finish his current term as Tigard mayor on Dec. 31, and then retire from elected office.

After a five-year search, Mayor Cook and his wife purchased their dream retirement home in unincorporated Washington County in 2016. He plans to move outside city limits in January 2019, making him ineligible to seek another term as Tigard’s Mayor.

Mayor Cook has contributed most of his life to public service in Tigard and Washington County. Some accomplishments since his election in 2012 include:

  • Ballot measures approved by Tigard voters regarding light rail and urban renewal.
  • Advocating for economic development in the city and successfully lobbying for more than $5 million in federal, state and regional funding for projects designed to bring jobs and improved economic conditions to the city.
  • Securing state and federal grants for projects, including Economic Development Agency and Oregon Lottery funds for Hunziker industrial development; EPA Brownfields funds for Downtown Tigard; and Connect Oregon VI funds for the Tigard Street Heritage Trail.
  • Finishing the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership construction to secure Tigard’s 35-year water supply, unincorporated island annexations and Downtown Tigard urban renewal.

Cook will remain a supporter and mentor for Tigard’s youth, business community and elected officials. He currently serves as president of the Oregon Mayors Association. When asked he said, “Being mayor of Tigard has been one of the best experiences of my life – the absolute best is my beautiful wife Terri and my family.”


John Goodhouse announces re-election campaign for Tigard City Council

Councilor John Goodhouse
Councilor John Goodhouse

Tigard City Councilor John Goodhouse announced today he is running for re-election to the Tigard City Council in the November 2018 Election. Goodhouse was first elected to the council in November 2014. Previously, John served on the Tigard Planning Commission, Tualatin Chamber Board of Directors for 6 years, Tigard Chamber of Commerce Government & Public Policy committee, and is past President of the Men’s VFW Auxiliary post 3452. John is the owner of an Independent Insurance Brokerage Agency.




Tigard City Council President Jason Snider announces candidacy for mayor

Councilor Jason Snider
Councilor Jason Snider

Mayor John Cook notified Tigard City Councilors earlier this year that he will not seek re-election in November of 2018. After careful consideration, City Council President, Jason Snider, announced today that he will run for Mayor of Tigard in the November 2018 election. Snider said, “I am running for Mayor because the City of Tigard needs strong, consistent, and effective leadership at this critical time of unprecedented service and budget reductions.” Snider already has endorsements from former Tigard Mayor and current Metro Councilor Craig Dirksen and State Representative Margaret Doherty.

Jason Snider was elected to the Tigard City Council in November 2012 and has served as the City Council President since January of 2015. Previously, Jason served as a Tigard Budget Committee Chair and a Reserve Officer with the Tigard Police Department. He works full-time as a Practice Director at Kaiser Permanente Northwest.


Marc Woodard Runs for Tigard Mayor 2018

Councilor Marc Woodard
Councilor Marc Woodard

Marc Woodard will officially file with the City of Tigard Recorder on 30 May 2018 to formally announce his intention to run for City of Tigard Mayor seat on 6 November 2018 general election. Currently he is the longest serving member of the Tigard City Council [2011 – Present].

Marc understands the commitment, character and leadership style it takes to manage efficient City operations to provide quality and sustainable services to its residents and small business owners. In these changing political, economic and social times it takes a seasoned leader of relative experiences to garner the support within community… “It is time for the City of Tigard to embrace leadership that values principled Best-In-Class business practices that include: City Performance Audits with Publically Informed Oversight, with Cost Savings and Recovery and Innovative Revenues Generation solutions to inclusion – where an example of cost recovery could recoup significant parks maintenance costs above and beyond a paid recreation volunteer coordinator – supervising a volunteer labor force.

We can no longer afford to do business the way we use to. And those that would say “this is not the way we do City business in Tigard,” Marc’s reply, “You’ve not been paying enough attention to the national politics, generational, technological and cultural shifts that have occurred over the last decade and its impact on the people of Tigard; and your leadership style and decision making process is in conflict with the current environmental situation and reality of business and home ownership total taxes paid and lifestyle changes going on all around us.

Marc’s drive to do right by the people of Tigard was learned at a very early age. His grandfather Edward Woodard 2nd Mayor of Tigard was respected as the first downtown beer parlor and liquor store owner and by the people for his unselfish Mayoral leadership style and simply described as “For the People.” His father Charles Woodard [survived by his wife Arlie Woodard] with ~54 years involvement in community and Down Town Main Street Tigard Liquor Store Agent and owner like his father – was known by many as an unselfish, brilliant and respected businessman and community leader throughout those years. Both men like Marc and his brothers served proudly in the military. And those leadership and business attributes, character and acumen have definitely been impressed upon him in every decision he’s made on City council and in sharing those personal stories, experiences and ideals with other community leaders. He’s not waivered on his convictions and conservative views since he won elected office on Tigard City Council.

He is a strong communicator, team builder, business solutions oriented and has a motivated leadership style capable of driving City operations toward sustainability and affordable city services. He also believes to achieve these objectives requires a balance of businesslike oversight, community engagement and efficiency of operations management tools to win the support of people should they be asked to pay more.

The City programs he deems necessary to achieve the sustainable city goals and objectives which also support core city services include: Continue a modest City recreational program with policies that support revenues generation that pay for its cost of operation and expands its programs based on its efforts over time. Then could grow within its own constraints of operation and incentivized to expand without further use of taxpayer resources through other revenues generation partnerships, i.e., small business recreation opportunity incubators [startups] in-line with City economic development objectives… and take advantage of local and national sponsorships and endorsement revenue streams.

Marc also see’s Library services as a form of recreation with an opportunity for a recreation presence within the Burgess Community Room and Fanno Creek House whereas City recreation should administer and host multiple educational and recreational events and services coordinated in partnership with Library IGA’s (Intergovernmental Agreements) for use, where both programs thrive and grow based on revenues generated to sustain level of services needed and wanted by the public; and could also include expanded recreational opportunities and revenue stream IGA partnerships within the Tigard Tualatin School and Pool District.

He also is a huge proponent of parks development through recreational downtown events activation with Tigard Down Town Association and Chamber of Commerce; affordable housing policies, supports a strong police force and presence on streets and in our schools, safe routes to school, peer court [keeps recidivism down], CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) ready if the big one hits – and 1st responders at City outdoor recreational and community events.

All of these programs can be sustained affordably – but it will take the right type of leadership with budgetary insight and knowledge to navigate this course over the next few years to change the culture of City operations to value spends efficiency oversight tools and creative revenues generation solutions-to-implementation. And City Charter amendment change that defines and scopes efficient government operations through City Performance Audits and Publically Informed Oversight before asking more of taxpayers. These sustainable and affordable solutions will bring community together rather than divide it.

Marc would be honored to lead the City in this direction should you elect him Mayor. “To learn more about Marc Woodard and how you can support his run for Mayor – visit his campaign site: www.woodchat.com and FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/woodamarc/


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