Jai Raj Singh


Community organizer, new urbanist, and advocate for inclusive and equitable communities in Tigard, Jai Raj Singh, has announced his candidacy for Tigard City Council this November.

Singh is an advocate, engagement and outreach specialist working with immigrants, refugees, and communities of color in Oregon. With extensive experience and expertise in activating community members historically left out of civic processes, he hopes to be the first South Asian American Councilor and to inspire other young, diverse, potential candidates to seek office and help cultivate healthier and more inclusive communities.

Singh is the Climate Resilience and Environmental Justice Director at Unite Oregon, a community-based social justice organization working to build a unified, intercultural movement for justice, led by communities of color, immigrants, refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty.

He serves on multiple local committees and advisory groups, including Tigard Committee for Community Engagement, Tigard Climate and Community Resiliency Plan Community Advisory Committee, and was recently a part of the River Terrace Community Advisory Committee. 

Singh was also selected to be a part of Oregon’s Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking Advisory Committee representing Unite Oregon, and the Resilient Efficient Building Task Force representing Oregon Just Transition Alliance.

To learn more, visit: www.singh4tigard.com or follow @Singh4Tigard on social media platforms.

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