Lifting Spirits with Your Touch of Cheer

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As we go through the holidays with cheer and merriment, it is easy to miss that someone may be experiencing a less than angelic season. With music being trumpeted throughout the stores, it is clear that the holidays are here. This year, however, they do not have the jubilee that is normally present. The spring in the step, such as with nine ladies dancing or ten lords a-leaping is noticeably absent.

In lieu of succumbing to humdrum, I began to ponder what could be done to resurrect the joy of the season? Gracefully, ideas came one by one. On colder nights, making soup for neighbors could be ardently received. Baking cookies then sharing with someone standing on a street corner may warm a tummy and a heart. Raking leaves for a mature friend could stoke the warmth of appreciation; even smiling at a stranger walking from the opposite direction could bring goodwill. It is the small steps of kindness that uplifts a person’s spirit, meaning the difference between worry and hope. After thinking about these ideas it stirred me to take action by creating a plan to deliver joy to someone every day for 12-days straight.

During the month of December, I encourage you to create your own 12-days of holiday cheer doing something each day for someone new. It can be done as a family, as an individual, or as a couple. And at the end, share your experiences with each other and your friends. It will be an amazing and true season of giving having consistently brought joy to the lives of others.


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