What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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Dear Readers,

What’s LOVE got to do with it?  Have you ever had “that feeling…”?

Not in the bottom of your heart, but in the bottom of your heel!  You know – your heel feels “tired”, or perhaps even bruised.  When you’re standing, you usually stand on your “good” foot, or, if you notice it in both feet, you may be shifting from foot to foot.  (And you can’t wait to sit down!)

This isn’t necessarily pain, but it is uncomfortable.  This discomfort can even make you feel tired all over.  And, when it gets really uncomfortable, you start re-thinking your priorities:

Walk a little further?  “I’d rather not.”

Shopping?  “I’ll wait here for you.”

Go to the game?  “Will there be seating available?”

Dancing?  Exercise?  A hike?  “Uhhh…”

Trip to Disneyland?  “Are you out of your mind?!?”

But isn’t foot discomfort “normal”?  NO!  (It IS fairly common though…)

Won’t it be expensive to fix?  NO!  (Stopping the cause of pain is always easier and less expensive than trying to stop the pain.)

It might not make much difference… Or it could make ALL the difference for you!

Ok, then what’s causing this foot discomfort? 

IF there wasn’t a specific injury or strain, AND there are no other underlying conditions, foot discomfort nearly always happens because the foot isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do in the way it’s supposed to do it.

Think of your foot as a machine…  An AMAZING, wonderful machine!  And, like any machine, it has a job to do, or many jobs to do, as the case may be.

Your feet were there when you took your first steps…

They ran you away from danger, and in fun on the playground.

They walked you up the aisle at an important ceremony, and they could walk you all over the world.  Some feet have even walked on the moon!

So, like any machine, the foot can benefit by periodic “mechanical check-ups” and “tune-ups”.  At a foot “check-up”, the feet are evaluated for mechanical performance, then the “tune-up” will improve the mechanical function of the feet, to keep them working at their very best.

So how do I get MY foot check-up?  How will I know what kind of a tune-up I’ll need?

THAT, my dear, tender-footed readers is where we come in!

At Foot Solutions of Tigard, we provide a complimentary (that means it’s 100% FREE!!) mechanical foot evaluation, performed by a very qualified technician.  It takes about 30 minutes, and our contact information is in the adjacent ad. Just give us a call to schedule your appointment.

AFTER the evaluation, we will know exactly what is needed for YOUR tune-up.  And, if you decide to get “tuned-up”, you’ll be at ease, knowing that each tune-up comes with full service from our knowledgeable, compassionate, and friendly technicians. So, what DOES love have to do with it?

Show your feet some love…  we’d love to show you how!

Sylvia Doctor has been in practice for over 13 years, and is the Staff Pedorthist at Foot Solutions of Tigard.

Remember, many conditions may have similar symptoms. A good diagnosis can put you on the road to recovery sooner. If you’re not certain of your condition, please see your health care provider for a diagnosis.

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