Tigard Business Spotlight: ADIO Chiro

Dr. Ryan Dalzell, D.C.
Dr. Ryan Dalzell, D.C.
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ADIO Chiro brings health and healing to your doorstep

Ryan Dalzell, D.C. was born and raised in Central Florida and recently relocated to the greater Portland area. Dr. Ryan graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida in 2017.

Wanting to pursue a future in health care, he did not want to contribute to the growing medication problem in America. A natural, holistic house call with instrument adjusting sets Dr. Ryan apart from other chiropractors.

During his study in Florida, Dr. Ryan began to gravitate towards the upper cervical region of the spine, understanding its importance and role in vitality. He began practice in an office and quickly realized there was another avenue for providing treatment for his patients. 

Dr. Ryan started ADIO Chiropractic LLC and began providing convenient, private treatment in the comfort of a patient’s home, or office. He approaches the patient’s health from all angles and will get you on a more natural path of healing. 

What is ADIO?  ADIO is an acronym that stands for Above Down Inside Out. Your healing begins from the top down and inside out. ADIO is referring to the 1st vertebra in the neck just under the skull, or the Atlas bone. This area is vital because of the many important structures in this complex region. 

An upper cervical misalignment can mean several things. If the Atlas bone is malpositioned, or subluxated, it could be putting pressure on important soft tissues like the brain stem, blood vessels, nerves, and more causing dysfunction potentially anywhere in the body. 

Dr. Ryan travels to his patients providing a concierge-style treatment tailored to each individual with a focus on the upper cervical spine. He also utilizes a hand-held instrument to assist in his adjustments and corrections, so it is gentle and extremely safe for all ages and body types. 

In addition to correcting the human frame, Dr. Ryan loves to educate his patients and coaches on nutrition and self-care through diet, supplementation, stretches, exercise, massage, yoga, and meditation.

Dr. Ryan Dalzell travels to Portland and surrounding cities as well as rural areas including Hillsboro, Gaston, Newberg, Wilsonville, West Linn, and Oregon City. Rates can vary based on mileage and time. Please visit experienceADIO.com to learn more and schedule an appointment. You may also call or text 503-489-8984.

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