Addressing the Fear of Selling One’s Home

House for sale
For sale sign in front of a house
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Selling a home is not only about addressing the possessions that have been collected; it is also about the emotional journey transitioning from one location to another. Fear is common emotion that arises.

So how does one combat it and continue to move forward? Like training for a competition, one can prepare for a move mentally, physically and emotionally.

Morning is the best time to prepare for the day, making it a perfect time to ‘exercise mentally.’ Meditation calms and relaxes the mind and YouTube offers guided practices, short and long. Throughout the day, write ten things for which you are thankful. The benefit is it trains the mind to go towards the positive. Selling a home is stressful and can become personal. This activity helps to develop an arms length mentality, so when negotiations occur, it is not seen as a personal assault when the buyer aims for a price reduction or closing cost credit. Thirdly, create a vision board of why you are moving and where you are moving next. This keeps you focused on the goal, maintains motivation and inspires joy.

House Buying Fears

Physical preparation yields wonderful benefits. Three exercises that can serve any age are walking, yoga and swimming. They are gentle on the body, can be done at or
near home and may be done if physical challenges exist.

Lastly, is emotional training, which includes 6-8 hours sleep, drinking a quart to 1-gallon of water daily and eating healthily. Mental, physical and emotional training overlap and strengthen each other.

Remember, being sale ready includes preparing yourself, as well as the home, making it as valuable as staging, addressing deferred maintenance and creating curbside appeal.

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