Bringing Autism Awareness into the Tigard Community

I run for Desmond
Desmond enjoying previous years event.
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I Run For Desmond 5K Community Fun Run/Walk

     I started the “I Run for Desmond 5k” community fun run/walk in 2014 with my husband, Brian, as a way to help our son. When Desmond was diagnosed with (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder it was very difficult for him to interact with his peers at school. Many of the children did not know what Autism was and why Desmond would not speak to them. There were many days he would regress at school hiding under the classroom table.

I run for Desmond
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The staff at Charles F. Tigard elementary school was such a blessing and did everything they could to help Desmond in his transition into Kindergarten. Diane Crosley, (Learning Specialist) has expressed to me that they are in need of equipment to help the kids in the special education department. 

Budget cuts in the Tigard-Tualatin School District during the recession meant there was little that the school’s special education department could do for Desmond after he was first diagnosed.

Many public schools don’t have all the knowledge or equipment that they need for a child with special needs. 

For many people with autism, it’s comforting and calming to have a weighted blanket or vest on them or having a special quiet room for the kids to go to when they are stressed. This is a way for them to decompress from the over stimulation of a crowded classroom and everyday loud noises creating sensory overload.

When I asked if similar equipment was available for our son, I was told that the district just didn’t have the funds.

Some schools in the district were sharing equipment and would have to wait a week at times to try out the equipment.  This was unacceptable and so I created a way to help bring the community together to raise awareness and help fund the school to purchase their own equipment.

The equipment has helped Desmond grow in the past few years at CFT Elementary school. He has made so many new friends that support him and accept him for who he is.

Our Mission:

Is educating the community about being aware of what Autism is and helping children with ASD feel accepted in our schools. Supporting the teachers and staff by raising funds at the I Run For Desmond 5K Community Fun Run/Walk

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