Fanno Creek Loses a Tree

Fanno Creek Tree
Fanno Creek Tree

The skyline along Fanno Creek next to the Tigard library has changed, and many would say not for the better. A large sequoia tree which has stood there for many decades is in the process of being cut down and removed by the City. However, before anyone gets up in arms, the tree was doomed anyway, and the culprit is nature.

Fanno Creek in that area reaches its banks almost yearly in times of heavy rains, sometimes even flooding. As it meanders through the floodplain behind the library it has steadily encroached upon the roots of the tree, and engineers made the sad but necessary decision to remove the tree before it fell of its own accord. It was only a matter of time, and the tree grew in a location where it could have toppled onto one of Tigard’s walking trails, potentially putting citizens at risk.

Decked out in a yellow hard hat, Curtis Clark, City of Tigard Public Works Department storm water management, and David Howes, also with the City, helped a local resident salvage logs for a project on which he is working.

“It’s very unfortunate they had to take it down, but the erosion along the creek bank exposed the roots and undermined the tree,” explained Mr. Clark. Only the tree trunk remains, and with all the limbs removed it is not considered to pose an immediate risk. Mr. Howes said the trunk should be removed sometime in the next several months.