Hollywood’s Hottest Trend – Face and Body Contouring

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Tigard Life sat down with Whitney Berrier, Licensed Esthetician and founder of Aesthetic Body Design, to discuss facial and body contouring and why it’s becoming one of the hottest aesthetic trends in the US.

TL: First of all, how did you get started in body contouring?
WB: I personally have always struggled with my weight, so I have a special place in my heart for clients who come in feeling defeated by their bodies. When I learned that this kind of work could be done, I became absolutely obsessed with learning and training with others who had lots of background in body contouring. We commonly work with clients struggling with weight gained from hormonal issues, loose skin from quick weight loss and pregnancy, or genetically driven body shape or cellulite deposits. It blew my mind that topical treatments that feel as comfortable as a warm massage, could take care of those “problem areas” easily while a client just laid in a treatment bed. 

Body contouring is surprisingly popular with Hollywood, actually. Lots of stars travel to Europe to have treatments done. This is why I established Aesthetic Body Design – I wanted to bring amazing technology for body and facial modification to our Portland-metro area, technology that has only been available abroad until now. Aesthetic Body Design is a boutique salon specialized in technological aesthetic work that allows clients to feel slimmer, smoother, and younger – without needles, lasers, or anything painful or invasive. Safety, comfort and results are our TOP priorities at Aesthetic Body Design. 

TL: What is facial contouring and what is a session typically like?
WB: Facial contouring is one of my favorite services we offer. Our LUX facelift targets fine lines and wrinkles, tightens jowls, and remodels deep tissue and muscle laxity. It can plump cheeks and lips, creating a youthful, plush look to your face. Our facial treatments also target dark spots and uneven texture as well as acne scarring. We use a proprietary brightening serum that does amazing results when combined with our mechanical facial contouring treatments. Dark circles, brow laxity, the dreaded “11’s” between the brows, can all be improved with our facial contouring treatments. They also don’t involve any downtime or special aftercare. We like to call them the “lunchtime facial” since you can pop in during lunch and immediately head back to work. 

TL: How many sessions would someone need to see results and how long are the sessions?
WB: You can usually see an improvement even in the first session, but typically, for body treatments, you can expect 5 – 8 sessions for stabilized, fully developed results. Times can range from 45 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the area treated and type of treatment plan. We also provide “The Hollywood Body” plan that covers the face, arms, abdominal area, back, and thighs. This is one of our most popular services! For face and neck, typically clients need 8 – 10 sessions – and sessions can range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. 

TL: How does booking a session work?
WB: Just call us at 503-575-7653 or email us at hello@aestheticbodydesign.com and we can book you a free consult to go over your aesthetic goals. We are also running a spring special for new clients that include a free facelift treatment or body slimming treatment with your consult, so you can actually experience what face and body contouring really is!

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