Lose Weight by Targeting the Weight Gain Nemesis

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I know many of you have had a tough time achieving your ideal body weight last year. To help achieve your weight loss goal this year, I’ve identified five weight gain nemesis, one of which may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

  1. Choose Stress-Free Environments – When living and working within environments that cause stress, we experience anxiety which often leads to a depressed mood. Thereafter an unhealthy habit and/or behavior often follows. It is the feel-good vices (food, drinks, drugs) that temporarily calm the nerves and makes us feel good. However, the excess intake will not resolve weight gain problems, or make one feel better long term. To reverse course, choose to live, work and play in a stress-free environment.
  2. Encompassing Pain – All pain is directly related to mental and physical illness, disease and/or injury. And with pain, sedentary habits typically follow with more weight gain. Whether it’s acute or chronic pain condition, and/or out-of-control mind-numbing drugs to manage it… confide in a doctor and request a referral to see a pain management specialist (physiatrist) and/or psychologist to target and treat the source of agitation keeping you overweight and in pain. Don’t let a pain condition and unhealthy drug habit isolate and keep you in a hurt locker.
  3. Continuous Celebration – Some carry the end of year’s celebrations into the New Year. This habit can last for months, or the entire year. When party habits occur frequently this will not help you lose weight and will change behavior in ways that avoid choosing healthier lifestyle choices. If unable, and want to break the party habit and/or are addicted to any unhealthy substance and now grossly overweight, seek treatment from a behavioral therapist.
  4. Processed Foods – Too many Americans consume fast foods, especially during the Holidays. Here lies the crux for much of American’s obesity and related diabetes problems. Processed foods are convenient, chemically addictive and cause unhealthy weight gain and disease. Food ingredients on labels you can’t pronounce or recognize are generally unnecessary food chemical additives. Almost all of them within animal and human research studies show a connection to illness, disease and weight gain. Through label ingredient awareness, you can better differentiate between organic and processed foods to make healthier dietary choices.
  5. Food Portions – Regardless of the season, there are many who continue to cook meals for an entire family after the children have left home. Modify home recipes for one or two to reduce leftovers at the table and in the fridge. This will help reduce the temptation to eat more than an average serving size before and during meal times.

Once you target your weight gain nemesis and make healthier lifestyle choices, then fitness and health levels will improve and body fat weight will decrease. 

Good health to you and your family!

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