Mayor’s Corner: September 2021

    Jason Snider, Mayor's Corner
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    Everyone in Tigard has a story. Individual stories make our community unique – they’re our community’s DNA, shaping our celebrations, cultures, and neighborhoods.

    We will celebrate 60 years of our Tigard story in September by gathering for food, movies, music, and theater in Universal Plaza. The aptly named plaza is a community gathering spot that celebrates our shared humanity and our one shared planet.

    We will also celebrate through the “60 Years, 60 Stories” project. The project will celebrate our history by chronicling the stories of current and former community members. I invite you to be one of the community members who participates in this unique project. Your story – why you moved to Tigard, what places and people in Tigard have influenced you, and what your hopes are for our future – will become part of Tigard’s living history book. We will release a different story each week on the city’s webpage.

    Along with these stories, we will also chronicle our history through pictures. I invite you to contribute to the city’s digital photobook. We are looking for pictures that best represent the essence of Tigard. We will display the pictures in a digital photobook for current and future community members to learn about our community’s shared story. You can learn more about the “60 Years, 60 Stories” project and digital photobook at

    There are several other opportunities to learn about our community’s story in September, including:

    • During a historic downtown walking tour, you will be introduced to the Charles Burnham House, Girod’s Super Market, and Tigard Lumber Market.
    • On the Talking Tigard podcast, former mayors and councilors will share their experiences about leading our community to the present-day Tigard that we all enjoy.
    • In the local history room at the Tigard Library, Tigard High School yearbooks, newspaper clippings, and books will be on display.
    • Through stories of human experience, the Tigard Outdoor Museum chronicles major events and shifts that have shaped the region.

    I hope you will share your Tigard story and what you’ve learned about our community’s story at the next Fireside Chat on Thursday, September 9th at 6:30 p.m. As a reminder, if you have any questions or comments about the city, I may be reached via email at or phone at (503) 810-0269.

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