Mayor’s Corner King City: September 2021

    Mayor's Corner Gibson
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    King City Growth: The Truth 

    I am a very proud resident of King City, a city that is safe, quiet, and well-maintained.  Most residents truly appreciate the living conditions that we are so fortunate to have. The 2020 Census results indicate that we have grown by 67% since 2010 to a population of 5184.

    Now we have an opportunity to continue responsible growth and provide more opportunity for others to enjoy this wonderful and desirable metro location.  

    I understand that change can be very uncomfortable for most of us.  That is why growth must be carefully planned.  I want to take some time to explain our planning process.

    The desired outcome for the 500-acre expansion area now known as Kingston Terrace is to be a Master Planned Community.

    A Master Planned Community is one that has:

    1. Easy access to a wide range of amenities and services;
    2. A high degree of safety and security; and,
    3. Stabilized property values supported by mixed-use development that integrates with residential, commercial, and cultural sites making for effective land use that will influence increased property values throughout the city.

    What is the planning process for Kingston Terrace?

    1. Expert consultants helped the King City residents, Staff, Planning Commission and City Council develop a concept plan that led to Metro approving our expansion request in December of 2018.
    2. In 2019, the King City Council and Staff hired expert consultants to develop a Transportation System Plan (TSP) and Master Plan.
    3. The consultants are responsible for proposing roadway design, developing infrastructure, cost, feasibility, and overall community design that includes parks, business sites and residential communities.
    4. The Pandemic slowed progress, but we are still hopeful that our consultants will have a sustainable and exciting proposal developed by December of 2021. 
    5. Once the Planning Commission is satisfied with the plan presented by the consultants, they will forward a recommendation to the city council for review,
    6. Planning Commission and City Council reviews will include public hearings before the final decision.  (It is important to note that future development is most likely 5 to 10 years away and could span 20 to 30 years to reach complete buildout). 

    I have given you a very brief overview of a very complex planning process that has many unanswered questions, but rest assured your King City Staff, Council and Planning Commission are diligently working to create the best possible outcome.

    We have not made any final decisions!

    Look, I know there are those opposed to the possibility of Fischer Road being extended from the Bonneville powerline west to Roy Rogers Road, but opposition must be based on truth.  

    I just want to highlight a few things that have been stated that are misleading or simply not true:

    1. It is not true that there is a plan to widen existing Fischer Road.
    2. There is no data whatsoever that supports the claim that there will be increased crime if Fischer Road is extended.  In fact, this was the same claim that was made by those who were in opposition to the Edgewater development in the early 2000s.  This is clearly a scare tactic.
    3. No homes will be lost if Fischer Road is extended:  The truth is that a potential Fischer Road extension has the least amount of impact to existing homes out of all the options being considered.
    4. It is not true that we have ever discussed or would allow Fischer Road to become an expressway or thoroughfare. 

    Our Community Must Demand the Truth

    Change comes with opposition, but opposition must be based on truth—not scare tactics and misinformation.  

    Your City Staff, Council, Planning Commission, and I are committed to telling you the truth about what we are doing today and for the future of King City.  You—King City residents, deserve truth and nothing less.

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