Pet Trends in the Next Decade

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As we wrap up a decade, we look forward to 2020 and all that it holds. We’ve seen the pet industry make a shift towards thousands of new products in the past ten years, including new pet foods, treats, toys, gear and supplements.*

This trend is likely to continue, with an even stronger focus on wholesome, more natural and sustainable products. As consumers, we drive this change with what we’re asking for, and what we’re not will disappear. We’ve seen this happen with many products, including non-premium pet foods losing market share while natural foods take more of the spotlight. As pet owners like yourselves becoming more educated, you are, in fact, voting, and your voice is getting heard.

With more consumer demand for wholesome foods and treats comes the increased awareness of social impact. More of us want to know what our pet’s products are being made from, where they’re being made, and by who. This will likely drive the need for more transparency, something which has been deeply lacking.

With the increase of online ordering, the past decade has changed with what and how pet owners are buying their products. It’s likely more brick and mortar stores will need to add this and other services of convenience to survive. It is possible we’ll be seeing less small, independent stores and more brick and mortar chains.

The trend of including our pets in our daily lives will also continue to rise. We’ll see an increase in pet-friendly vacation destinations, auto safety gear, a greater emphasis on animal rights and abuse laws, more veterinary specialty services and possibly a formal acknowledgment of the federal government towards recognizing the importance of pets in our lives.**

With whatever happens, we know that our pets are extremely important to us, and we’ll always be looking for the next best products and services to add to our lives.

*This is anecdotal based off what I have seen in my profession.
**These are predictions based off trends I am seeing.

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