What’s a Golf Ball Worth?

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Along the seventh hole of the King City golf course sits an ever-changing collection of golf balls placed under a “FREE” sign in front of the home of “Kris.”  

The source of these golf balls is a man named Steve, who lives across the fairway of the seventh hole. His yard has been pelted by golf balls for years.  One day, he began to collect them, and over the years his collection grew to a point where he had so many that he wanted to start giving them away.  However, due to the location of his home on the course, he didn’t have a very good spot to set them out where people would see them. One morning, Steve went on a walk around the neighborhood. He met Kris and discovered she lives right off the seventh hole green, a location with perfect visibility to passing golfers.  

That’s when the arrangement was made to begin setting out the golf balls. Since that day, Steve delivers two-dozen golf balls in egg cartons to Kris, who places them outside for golfers. 

Kris, who started setting the golf balls out earlier this summer, says what’s most interesting to watch, is how people take them. Some golfers take one or two, while others take as many as golf balls as they can, even trying to fill their bag and take them all. Kris says she tries to limit the number taken so that more golfers can enjoy the selection, and the system can continue.  

As of recently, another woman who lives nearby has caught word of the arrangement and brought over three dozen golf balls — this may just be the beginning. 

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