The Joy of Creativity

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Our History:

The 2nd Annual all-clay show at the Tigard Grange is happening, and you are invited! It’s summertime, and local potters are feeling an upswing in community spirit, general optimism, and… well… joy. Our hope is that the time we’ve spent in our studios making sculptural and functional pieces will also speak to your hearts and bring a smile to you. 

We like knowing that you, our customers, enjoy sipping morning coffee from our mugs, daydreaming by our garden sculptures, setting a table for brunch with our plates, and steeping Chamomile tea in our teacups. As clay artists, we open ourselves up by sharing our personal expressions of the craft and find inspiration from nature, beauty, whimsy, and even the elegance of traditional Asian forms. Whether functional or purely decorative, all our pieces are hand-formed and unique.

Tigard’s new mother-daughter team at Cascade Ceramics Studio will be among the new vendors this year. This group studio/classroom allows everyone to further develop their creativity, from total beginners to skilled craftsmen. Clay is a universal art medium. How can you get your own hands in clay? These two have the answer. 

Last year 14 friends, who are all potters, began this event to show that our creativity shines through, no matter how crazy this world is. We are happy to announce that we are still producing, and you are welcome to come share our excitement as we unveil new work and have another safe, outdoor show on the lawn. Join us at the Tigard Grange, 13770 SW Pacific Hwy in Tigard, on August 20th, and we will happily share the rising mood. Joy is contagious!

“It makes me happy when I see that my work has conjured a smile or incited a chuckle.” 

– Larry Nelson

“I am inspired by natural forms and landscapes, and the soft, delicious squish of clay.” 

– Denise Krueger

“These last two years have been downright crazy, and one way I keep sane is to spend a lot of time making pieces in the studio.”  

– Rebecca Gerendasy

“Making Art is good for the soul! I am grateful for these hands that create artwork not only for myself but for you. I aim to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the beauty around us.” 

– Stephanie Burton

Oregon Artists Pottery Sale

When: Saturday, August 20, 2022
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Where: Tigard Grange
13770 SW Pacific Hwy.
(just North of McDonald/Gaarde)
Tigard, OR 97223

Cost: Free Admission and Free Parking!

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