Non-Surgical Treatments to Address Skin Concerns

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As people get older, the gradual decline in collagen and elastin production becomes more apparent, affecting the quality, structure, and look of the skin. This natural decline starts at the age of 25, and by the age of 70, people are estimated to have only half the amount of the collagen and elastin they were born with.

The primary culprit? The sun. Photo damage releases enzymes that fragment collagen, leading to visible signs of aging. The alarming part? It doesn’t require a sunburn to cause this damage.

The good news is that Lumera specializes in non-surgical treatments that can address a myriad of skin concerns: discoloration, wrinkles, redness, large pores, dullness, texture, laxity, melasma, facial balancing, sexual wellness, and even body sculpting.

People may have more than one of these concerns. Combining modalities, products, and injectables is a part of almost every plan we create. This ensures patients receive the most noticeable-yet-natural results. Why? Lasers, microneedling, and medical-grade skin care all address the health of the skin. However, aging happens in the bones and muscles as well. This is why injectables and threads may be recommended to relax the muscles creating the wrinkles or replenish lost volume and structure with filler and PDO Threads.

The common thread between these different modalities? They initiate a safely-controlled injury to the skin, triggering our body’s remarkable healing response, leading to the production of new collagen and elastin.

When people visit Lumera for a consultation, we utilize state-of-the-art technology, including the Visia skin analysis device. Think of it as an X-ray for the skin. It reveals your lifetime of UV damage, inflammation levels impacting aging, and the amount of bacteria/oil your skin produces. Our expert providers then craft a personalized plan tailored to your unique goals.

Step into the new year with confidence and rejuvenated skin. Schedule your free consultation today, and let Lumera guide you on the path to timeless beauty.

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