Karen Marrello


As a Tigard Chamber of Commerce member and previous ambassador, Karen Marrello is running for a two-year position on the Tigard City Council because “I have a true passion for supporting local businesses,” she said. “… I am also very excited to get involved with business incubator programs to allow aspiring business owners to go after their dreams and bring new ideas and products to Tigard.”

Furthermore, Marrello said she is running because “I love Tigard, and I believe that I can help make it an even better place to live than it already is. Raised by a single mother, I started working when I was 14 years old. I learned very early in life the value of contributing to my family as well as my community. I am very passionate about living in a safe community that embraces inclusion, support and respect for all…

According to Marrello, as a city councilor, she would not only support businesses in Tigard but also come up with a measurable plan to offer affordable housing and reduce homelessness in Tigard.

“As a mortgage lender, I have first-hand conversations on a daily basis about rising home prices and interest rates and the impacts on homeowners, especially first-time home buyers,” she said. “Renting is also not an affordable solution, as we are seeing a growing number of citizens spending more than half of their income on rent.

“I would like to encourage incentives to green builders who are focused on providing affordable housing in Tigard. I would also like to be directly involved in education programs to help Tigard residents understand how they can become homeowners and build wealth through owning their own homes.”

Marrello pledged that as a city councilor, “I commit to speak honestly and directly and to listen sincerely with a focus on creating realistic solutions… I want to speak with you, hear you, and be a true representative and delegate for you.”

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