King City Mayor Jaime Fender delivers State of the City

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King City Mayor Jaimie Fender on June 15 gave her first State of the City speech since becoming mayor in January, highlighting the city’s accomplishments after first taking time to recognize the area’s indigenous people, and recognizing the spate of recent mass shootings, urging everyone to do their part to end gun violence.

Seated at the dais in the Council Chambers at City Hall, Fender noted that the 2020 Census revealed that the city has 5,100 residents, with one-half of them 55 and older. “The rest is young families,” she added, and approximately 12.7 percent of the population is under 18.

At this time, King City has 2,734 housing units and one elementary school, Deer Creek, according to Fender.

Fender was first appointed to the City Council and went on to run for election before the City Council appointed her as mayor in January.

She said holding Zoom City Council meetings during Covid helped keep the city running. The accomplishments of the past year include working to develop Kingston Terrace in King City’s urban growth boundary, making strides on the Transportation System Plan, improving sidewalks and broadband availability, dedicating a piece of public art in Community Park and making other park improvements, and strengthening ties with partners across the county and region, including Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and Metro.

Fender praised City Manager Mike Weston and his team as well as the members of the Police Department, and she thanked the families of the volunteers in the city because it means time away from them. “We need their support,” she said.

She called on Weston to introduce the visiting officials and dignitaries before turning to the City Council members who introduced themselves.

Laurie Petrie was appointed to the council this year and called the experience so far “quite the wild ride.” She added, “It’s fun. I’m having a good time and learning a lot. I’m having a great time.”

Mark Manelis also was appointed to a seat on the council this year and called his time with the city “a great experience so far. I like getting out in the community and talking to neighbors, and I hope to do some great things.”

Current Council President Micah Paulsen was elected in 2018 after moving to the city in 2016. “I live a couple of doors down from the former mayor (Ken Gibson), and he encouraged me to get involved,” Paulsen said.

Kate Mohr said she campaigned for a council seat online during the Covid shutdown because no one could do in-person campaigning. “I encourage all of you to get involved in our city,” she said. “Thank you to everyone and especially the city staff.”

Councilors Shawna Thompson and Smart Ocholi were not at the meeting.

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