Soup Meets Soul

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Soup Meets Soul is a newcomer to the Tigard Famer’s market this year, but the wife-and-husband duo cooking up the stand’s delectable comfort food with a healthy spin are no strangers to flavor.

“I think good food hits your soul; you feel it in your soul,” said chef Allison Webb, who started the operation from home while on maternity leave in 2021 with the couple’s now 10-months-old son. 

Her husband, Kevin, who met in the kitchen of Mama Mia’s, where Allison was the sous chef, and he was the cook, spend weekdays cooking from scratch. Their soups begin at home, where the Webbs chop, sauté, and simmer fresh ingredients into the bases.

“We do everything from scratch,” she said. “All of our bases, the gnocchi, everything is scratch that can be scratch.” 

Their rotating weekly market offerings feature diverse flavors and selections pulled from their larger repertoire. Fan favorites will eventually become market menu staples, but they plan on switching up the specials. 

Think Chili Colorado with big chunks of steak, cheesy potato soup, or tomato soup with home-toasted, seasoned croutons, plus vegan, gluten-free offerings, and soups by the pint or quart to take home hot or cold.

Webb, who honed her culinary skills working in a variety of kitchens, is at home with diverse spices and flavors. She and Kevin were in the kitchen together at Holy Taco, and most recently, the pair was working for Bon Appetit when they decided to trade corporate life for a family-based upstart.

“I have experience in many cuisines, so I can channel or cook just about anything, but Mexican flavors are my favorite,” she said. “they’re vibrant. They dance on your tongue.”

Upcoming market menus are posted weekly on the Soup Meets Soul Facebook page. 

Soup Meets Soul can be found at the Tigard Farmers Market most Sundays.

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