Marc T. Woodard – Tigard City Council Candidate

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Marc T. Woodard

Why are you running for city councilor, what do you bring to the table that your opponents do not?

The Woodard Family has been in Tigard since 1926. I’ve spent nearly my entire life and raised a family here. I’m a retired veteran, a former city councilor and Tigard high school graduate and Tigard business owner [like my father and his father’s before him]. I understand our community social, economic and political challenges and needs very well. 

The pandemic, destructive fire season and divided political narratives have made it more challenging for city leaders to address and resolve Tigard’s ~1.2% annual growth projections and city expenses outpacing revenues by .5% annually. And how this trend shifts course will require someone with the experience and knowledge and communicative skillsets to find equitable and affordable solutions without asking more of taxpayers.

Aside from expertise in city policies, projects, public transportation, parks and recreation, affordable housing and budgetary challenges etc., I led in forming the Committee for Community Engagement as the council liaison from 2016-18. However, my efforts to provide equitable solutions for community really began in 2012, when I coined the term, “cross-pollination” of public information. In practice, by cross-sharing information between city committees and board’s and public with one another – city leaders could better understand public needs; and work towards a community driven solutions approach using a diverse outreach, engagement and informed public oversight process.

Before systemic racism became the national narrative, I was working hard throughout my first 8 years in office to remove community inequities and social and racial injustices. I helped form the city Committee for Community Engagement Charter and am proud of that work. I see the current council formation of the “Public Safety Advisory Board” as an arm of the engagement and public oversite process I began on city council. I’d support removal of any governmental policy or program perceived as customer service unfriendly and/or deemed racist and/or inequitable.

What is the #1 issue facing Tigard and what do you propose we do about it?

Although Tigard has a number of high priorities like the upcoming Metro SW Corridor Rail vote, affordable housing and traffic congestion; public safety is right up there. Without law and order and security, it is much harder for people to trust and support city government goals, plans and projects if they feel their families’ safety and wellbeing is not a top priority.

The citizens of Tigard overwhelmingly approved a public safety levy recently passed in May 2020. This should tell all residents and business owners that the city of Tigard values its officers and public safety services. Should I hear of any divesting or defunding of the police budget, I will not support that effort.

And if city government is found to have bias programs and policies and other social inequities – and perceived and/or seen as a systemically racist institution(s), it is important for leadership to support a diverse public group process that provides change recommendations to council… trust will not culminate between city government and the public, if people feel their being treated unfairly and voices aren’t heard. Depending on the leadership you vote into office will determine how Tigard moves forward.

Citizens to Elect Marc Woodard 




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