New state-of-the-art vet hospital opens in Tigard

Dr. Saum Hadi shares a seat with his border collie Ralf in the waiting room of Nimbus Pet Hospital, which Hadi and his wife opened April 3 to many new four-legged patients coming in the door.
Dr. Saum Hadi shares a seat with his border collie Ralf in the waiting room of Nimbus Pet Hospital, which Hadi and his wife opened April 3 to many new four-legged patients coming in the door. Barbara Sherman/Tigard Life
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Start with a love of animals, add a goal of providing gold-standard veterinary care, and finish with the desire of owning your own veterinary clinic (plus marrying your business partner), and you have Nimbus Pet Hospital.

Strategically located between a pet food store and a pet grooming business in the Nimbus Center at the intersection of Scholls Ferry Road and Nimbus Avenue in Tigard, Dr. Saum Hadi’s new veterinary clinic, which just opened April 3, is already busy as new clients find their way to the first-class care it offers.

“The biggest thing I want to provide is a locally owned veterinary hospital that takes into account my clients’ beliefs and goals for their pet while offering an individual plan to them, whether they want a holistic approach or they have a barn cat, or they treat their pet like their child,” he said.

“I got into this business because of my love of animals. I want to do what is best for clients’ pets and offer a high degree of expertise in their care. And we try to keep the schedule open enough that we can handle urgent care cases that come in the door.”

Hadi said his goal was always to own his own practice, and luckily his wife Hannah, who handles the administrative side, has a background in accounting and business. After graduating from the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020, Hadi worked as an associate veterinarian at two area veterinary hospitals before starting his own business.

“The biggest delay was to find the right location,” he said. “We found this site, which had been a kick-boxing business. It was perfect because there was a need for another pet hospital in the area, and it has good access. Construction took six months before we were ready to open.

“Veterinary clinics are swamped right now, and people sometimes have to wait weeks to get in. I hope I don’t take away from other veterinarians but rather supplement their business. We were lucky to have people start coming in as soon as we opened.”

And he wants to help other veterinarians become business owners. Over the past year, Hadi worked with Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) chapters on how to successfully transition from vet school to an associate position, and he spoke to veterinary students on preparing for ownership in the veterinary field. Also, while at OSU, Hadi was president of the OSU Chapter of the VBMA, organizing events for vet students to increase their business knowledge.

Hadi believes all animals deserve high-quality veterinary care regardless of their owners’ financial situation, and he works with pro-bono groups, including the PAW Team and Pro-Bone-O, that provide veterinary care for pet owners who can’t afford it.

“People’s bond with their animals is amazing,” Hadi said. “During Covid, the veterinary business grew.” And with the high cost of veterinary care, he added, “Wellness plans have a place. Seeing the demand for it, we went back and forth about it, and we will start implementing one in May. Also, in May, we have a new veterinarian, Dr. Jaina, coming in.”

Hadi didn’t start out planning to be a veterinarian. Born and raised in Bothell, Wash., he earned his undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Western Washington University in Bellingham. “I was studying petunia development as I started to slowly develop my love for animals,” he said.

Hadi and Hannah are the proud pet parents of an 8-year-old border collie, Ralf, and two tabby cats, Long and Short.

In addition to the usual veterinary care, Nimbus Pet Hospital offers digital radiography, X-rays, and ultrasounds. A wide variety of surgery services include spays and neuters, mass/tumor removal, wound repair, oral surgery, and gastrointestinal surgery.

Nimbus Pet Hospital is located at 10115 S.W. Nimbus Ave., Suite 200, Tigard; for more information, call 971-300-0613, email, or visit, Instagram or Facebook.

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