Friends of Tigard Football Online Auction January 28-31

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The Friends of Tigard Football is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting the Tigard High School Football Program.

We are holding an online auction Jan. 28-31 to raise funds for a successful season despite the challenges of the past 10 months.

Although our 2020 football season was not what we had expected due to the pandemic, we are continuing to look forward to and preparing for a modified season in the spring of 2021. As you can imagine, funding our program is more difficult this year due to COVID-19.

The ordering of gear, clothes, shoes, etc. took place well in advance of a season- before the shutdowns occurred and our lives were filled with uncertainty. Along with those costs we still have overhead and the desire to ensure our players have a great experience, no matter what our season ends up looking like. We particularly want to support our seniors who have given so much to this program through the years.

All proceeds will cover costs such as:

  • Safety equipment (shoulder pads, helmets, girdles, helmet and shoulder pad repair, etc.)
  • Footballs
  • Hudl (online film database)
  • In season meals
  • Cleats
  • Practice gear

To support the Tigard High Football Program, please visit our website:

Step 1: Pre-register in advance to streamline the bidding process. Registration is quick and easy.

Step 2: Take a look at our auction items and get ready to bid on your favorites when the auction opens January 28.

Don’t see anything you like but still want to support us? Please consider donating to our tax deductible program! 

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