OPINION: Let’s get a City Council who will work to protect our neighborhoods

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The Fischer Road extension in the Transportation System Plan is designed to create a direct connection between 99W and Roy Rogers. King City’s consultants said that about 40% of the traffic that will use this road will be “cut through” traffic. My neighborhood will be sacrificed so that regional traffic has a supposedly better route. It will be noisy, difficult to have ingress or egress from Fischer Road into and out of King City, fumes will permeate the air when traffic sits still, and our quality of life, health, and property values will suffer.

When Edgewater was built, the City’s codes said that it was very important that the street system would not make it easier for through traffic that was going to destinations outside of the Edgewater area. The City’s code also specified that any future connections to 137th (under the power lines) would be made by local streets.

To the point – the City thought it was very important to keep the local streets for King City traffic, not for regional cut-through traffic. That’s what they wrote into the codes!

The current City Council voted to change the City’s code. The Fischer Road connection to 137th will now be a busy collector road with regional significance and non-stop traffic.

Please vote YES on the recall! Let’s get a City Council who will work to protect our neighborhoods -and our neighbors!

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