Tigard Launches Heat Pump Program

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Last month, the City of Tigard rolled out its latest carbon-responsible community development initiative. The Tigard Heat Pump Cash-In Program incentivizes Tigard homeowners to install new energy efficient heat pumps with financial assistance of up to $11,000 per home. The funding is from the Oregon Department of Energy’s Community Heat Pump Deployment (CHPD) Program through the nonprofit Earth Advantage, which has more than $1.5 million to reimburse homeowners across the metro region for residential heat pump purchase, installation, and related weatherization expenses.

Tigard homeowners who use a commercial HVAC professional to install a new heat pump are eligible. “This program enables the city to financially support Tigard households who want cleaner, less expensive energy,” said Community Development Director, Kenny Asher.

Earth Advantage is a nonprofit organization helping to advance a more informed and humane housing market that recognizes the elements of homes that create climate risk and values the characteristics of homes that provide climate solutions. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Earth Advantage partners with entities across the country to develop tangible, systemic solutions for climate-friendly housing. Key focuses for the organization include green building certifications, education around sustainable building and energy efficiency, home performance data accessibility and climate justice initiatives.

“We’re excited to welcome the City of Tigard to the CHPD program,” said Molly Hatfield, Senior Climate Justice Program Manager at Earth Advantage. “Their participation expands the area within the Metro region where incentives for heat pump installation are available, supporting the program’s overall goal of making cleaner, affordable heating and cooling solutions accessible throughout the state.”

Tigard homeowners interested in this reimbursement can apply for this program via the City of Tigard’s website www.tigard-or.gov/HeatPump.

This incentive was created after the Tigard City Council adopted a goal to address climate change. Space and water heating in Tigard’s residential and commercial buildings, mostly from gas fired appliances, account for more than half of all emissions citywide.

This residential heat pump program reduces home operating costs, saves energy, and adds a non-polluting upgrade to participating Tigard homes. Carbon-responsible investments in residential homes improves the value of what is often the most important financial asset in a family – their house. By removing some of the cost burden of a green investment, the State of Oregon, Earth Advantage, and the City of Tigard hope to encourage more homeowners at every income level to adopt heat pumps and energy efficiency improvements.

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