If You Want to Thrive Living in a Home Owner Association, Get Involved!

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    Home Owner Association living like in the 55+ active senior communities like Summerfield, King City and the Highlands is a very personal experience. Some owners prefer to forget that they are members of a non-profit corporation and do not take an active role in the operation of their association. Others resent their membership and take every opportunity available to express their discontent and frustration. And still others embrace their HOA and work diligently to improve their community. They volunteer their time to serve on an association committee and even take their turn to serve on the Board of Directors. And they do this, not just for themselves, but for the entire community.

    To thrive as a member of an HOA is to recognize the important role that each member of the association serves and to act on that recognition. To thrive is to step up to the plate and take our best swing. It is to contribute to the protection of our community’s assets by getting involved. When our community’s assets are maintained, preserved and enhanced, then our property values and the investment we have in our home are also protected.

    Getting involved does not always mean serving on a committee or the Board of Directors. Every time we obey and comply with our community’s governing documents (Architectural Guidelines, CC&R’s) then we are involved. Whenever we take the few minutes needed to fill out, sign and mail-in ballots, we are getting involved. When we assist the Board of Directors by helping them identify owners who fail to comply with our governing documents we are getting involved. When we choose to attend a Board of Directors meeting we are getting involved. When we read our HOA monthly newsletter we are getting involved. Involvement has many faces.

    The investment we have in our home in a Home Owners Association like the 55+ active senior communities of Summerfield, King City and the Highlands is worth a little involvement. HOA members have a tremendous opportunity to work together in the achievement of common goals and objectives. Each time one of those goals or objectives is reached, everyone benefits and thriving in our association becomes a bit easier. Start thriving today…get involved in your HOA!

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