Jeanette Shaw – Tigard City Council Candidate

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Jeanette Shaw

Why are you running for city councilor, what do you bring to the table that your opponents do not? 

Dear Neighbors,

We are in unprecedented times! The pandemic, economic turbulence, social unrest and significant wildfires are affecting Oregon as well as our Tigard community. With every news cycle, we are verbally or visually informed that we are living in divided, polarizing times. It doesn’t have to be this way. Right here, in our community, we can create positive change for all who call Tigard home. That means we need leaders willing to reach out to every corner of Tigard – not just listening to those who can show up at city hall. 

I am that community-focused leader who has experience with engaging stakeholders, listening to the issues, learning and reaching consensus to keep moving forward. I have never been focused on one issue or project, but many that involve all of us in our neighborhoods and businesses in Tigard. And with over three decades of extensive national, state and local public policy expertise along with solid problem-solving skills, this makes me the most qualified candidate for Tigard City Council. 

As a future Tigard City Councilor, I will work on the following priorities: 

  • Developing Tigard’s future growth through a comprehensive strategic plan that recognizes the intersection of housing choices and affordability – for all stages of life, reducing traffic congestion and ensuring economic development.
  • The importance of and appreciating cultural, racial and age-related differences for more equitable policies. 
  • Working with our police chief to build good relationships with community so that all who live here feel safe and welcome. 
  • Creating public and private initiatives to further community-driven projects. 
  • Increase our communications to better inform and strengthen feedback from community members.

What is the #1 issue facing Tigard and what do you propose we do about it? 

What further differentiates me from the other candidates is the knowledge that Tigard is not facing one problem, but a multitude of opportunities. For example, Tigard has the opportunity to be at the forefront of community innovation within the Tigard Triangle, Washington Square and Downtown Tigard and to help individuals and families keep their hard-earned money in their pocket. 

My family has been in the Tigard Community for nearly five decades. Our children attend Tigard-Tualatin schools and I want their children to do the same. I’m committed to ensuring our city is welcoming, safe and full of opportunities for generations to come. 

I am proud to have earned the endorsements from respected leaders and trusted organizations: Tigard City Council President John Goodhouse; Representatives Margaret Doherty, Courtney Neron, Janeen Sollman, and Sheri Schouten; Washington County Chair & Commissioner Kathryn Harrington; Washington County Democrats; UFCW 555; Tigard Black Student Union; Tigard-Tualatin Student Union; Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland; Tigard Police Officers’ Association; Tualatin Valley Fire Fighters Union — IAFF Local 1660

Thank you for your vote! 




Phone: (971) 285-2307 

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