Spiritual Corner: Energy Forecast for September 2020

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    Overall Energy

    For September, I see some challenges regarding “connections” that you may need to make peace with and potentially even walk away from. There will be some difficult decisions involving people you care about that will be hard, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel and a sense of Divine timing. There is movement in the way of careers and other areas that were previously “limited.” So promotions, advancements, or extra money is possible this month. The prior month’s energies were a bit unpredictable but this month will be about getting back in a position that feels good in all dynamics of your livelihood. 

    You will be making quite a few decisions this month, but nothing you can’t handle. In the past, you may have felt stuck. I see that shifting and you being presented with more options or opportunities. September’s energy is coming in with a sense of enlightenment. There will be some obstacles, but you are stronger than you think, and when you tackle them, you reap the rewards of your personal successes.


    The challenge will be not to overthink things and to let go as much as possible. I also see affirming decisions that you made in the past are important. You may find it hard to adjust or go with the flow. Some of the resistance is a “fear” of change. But I see positive things you can set your sights on to keep you balanced rather than hung up on worries.

    Your Guidance

    Focus on your self-sufficiency. What’s going to be best for you for the long term. You have learned a great deal in the prior months and years, enough to bring success to your current moments. But you will need to heed the signs of when a situation is lacking growth or contribution, as those could indicate a dead end. Once realizing that, you open the way for new opportunities that propel you forward.

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