Ten Ways to Help Your Community

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  1. Attend meetings. Don’t just show up if you have a problem or complaint.

2. Accept nomination to serve on the Board or appointment to any committee.

3. Describe the association in positive terms.

4. Be prepared when asked to contribute; plan details of an event, and coordinate with other owners and affiliates.

5. Contribute whatever time you have available for the benefit of the community. Become a dependable, constructive member of the association.

6. When attending Board meetings, remember that the only time you should address the Board is during the Open Forum session. Don’t interrupt during the Business meeting.

7. Keep an open mind and look for the benefits to the community whenever a new program is being initiated.

8. Don’t criticize the Board, committee members or other volunteers.

9. Read your newsletter and correspondence in order to understand what is going on and why decisions are being made.

10. Introduce yourself to new owners. Let them know that your community is a great place to live and that you look forward to their involvement.

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