Why Do I Still Have This?

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    Thirty years. Essentially half a lifetime and when you think of the amount of shopping and items collected over that time, the volume can be surprising. All those treasures have needed to be stored somewhere and that somewhere is your home most likely the attic, garage, closets and possibly a rented storage unit.

    Holding onto what at the time were treasures or items of value, over the years can become clutter. Belongings, which are no longer in use, or an attached sentiment that has waned, results in years of storing paraphernalia not treasures. For example, a worktable full of tools, twelve of this item and five of those type scenarios, decorative knickknacks that are only decorating the interior of a box.

    No matter our age, we all collect something, whether we are purposeful or unaware. There comes a time when moving that all those items are no longer wanted or able to fit in the next location. Hence the word downsizing, or right sizing, both appropriate and both necessary. Following are three fun ways to start the process of fitting into your next home.

    1. Create the atmosphere, light a fire, have a favorite beverage and begin going through one box at a time and reminiscence. Invite a friend to share the stories and laughter.

    2. Host a party. Who has experienced the Naked Ladies Party where you host friends and they bring clothes they no longer wear. They get tossed in piles according to size and then friends; acquaintances come over and walk away with ‘new’ fun outfits. Why not do the same with items from the home? At the end, remaining items are donated.

    3. Items that are a bit harder to let go, journal about the item and why they are important. Take a photo; the memories will be with you.

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