Brand New Therapy Designed to Improve Cellulite, Loose Skin, Wrinkles, Swelling, Scarring, and Stretch Marks and Promote Fat Reduction

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Do you struggle with cellulite? Loose skin and wrinkles? Are you considering a facelift? 

Do you have body swelling, are you diagnosed with Lymphedema, or are you recovering from post-surgical swelling or scarring? Do you have stretch marks? Do you have fat deposits that are difficult to reduce and sculpt through traditional diet and exercise? Have you heard of COxy Therapy as an alternative solution?  

COxy Therapy is a revolutionary, non-invasive, and needle-free Carboxytherapy. COxy Therapy accelerates skin metabolism via the Bohr Effect, improving fine lines and wrinkles. It promotes skin tightening, fat reduction, body sculpting, scar reduction, stretch marks, post-procedure healing, inflammation, and swelling.  

What is the Borh Effect?

When carbon dioxide is absorbed by skin cells from the COxy gel, hemoglobin in red blood cells releases oxygen. This process provides oxygen to the skin while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation, metabolism, protein synthesis, and disposal of skin waste. These reactions reduce stretch marks, cellulite, acne, and inflammation while enhancing skin tone, elasticity, and oil/moisture balance. It also accelerates metabolism and helps with lipolysis/fat reduction.

Originally, Carboxytherapy was discovered in 1932 in France after patients had been soaking in carbon-rich pools. It was found that wounds were healing and circulatory diseases improving, such as Raynaud’s syndrome. Then it was used in the 1950s as an invasive procedure that injects carbon dioxide gas into the cutaneous and subcutaneous layer of skin using a fine needle. This procedure can be painful, with some after-effects of swelling and bruising. With the non-invasive COxy Therapy – there are no risks, no pain, and many rewards – and it can be applied to the face, neck, abdomen, arms, wrists, legs, calves, and ankles – a whole-body treatment.

C-Oxy Therapy Benefits:

On the Face:

  • Wrinkle Reduction – Transforms aged skin with wrinkles into elastic and youthful skin.
  • Lifting Effects – Promotes protein synthesis and metabolism, redefining sagging lines and enhancing skin elasticity.
  • Brightening – Stimulates blood circulation and efficient removal of skin waste, creating translucent skin.
  • Treatment of Bruises and Swelling – Alleviates bruises and swellings created by various procedures by enhancing metabolism.
  • Acne Treatment – Accelerated blood flow and waste discharge effectively treats acne by recovering the self-regenerative capacity of skin with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Exfoliation – Effectively removes remaining waste and dead cells.
  • Pore Control – Enhances metabolism, removal of skin waste, and contraction of pores.

On the Body

  • Body Contouring – C-Oxy Therapy Body helps redefine body contours by dramatically improving skin elasticity and cellulite reduction with carbon dioxide.
  • Cellulite Reduction – Improves the elasticity of the loose and lumpy skin caused by poor diet.
  • Inflammation/Swelling Management – Effectively removes swellings of calves and feet from long hours of physical activities.
  • Removal of Skin Waste – Effectively removes skin waste of oily-combination skin (back, forearm, etc.) which easily produces waste.
  • Stretch Marks – Effectively removes stretch marks created after pregnancy or diet.
  • Improvement of Skin Tone – Brightens the skin tone of the areas which easily become dark such as the armpits.
  • Hands – Improves the elasticity of aged skin with wrinkles.

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