Stur-dy Woodworking: Cindy Seger shares the story behind her home woodworking shop

Cindy Seger in her workshop.
Cindy Seger in her workshop.
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Cindy Seger built her in-home woodworking studio, Stur-dy Custom Craft, out of her garage located at 12825 SW Grant Ave. in Tigard, OR. All of her pieces are custom made and carefully crafted. Over the past two months, she remodeled the inside of her space to fit her growing woodworking demands. Seger would call her woodworking a hobby, but it may soon evolve into a full-time career.

“I go to work with perfect french tip nails. Then I come home from work, and put my bandana on,” explained Seger. “I did everything from ground up here. I named my business Stur-dy, because my work is built sturdy just like me. It’s like heaven in my shop, and my woman cave.”

Growing up, Seger was always sketching and reinventing how to arrange a space. At age 13, Seger was shaping how her mother’s garden would look.

“I told my mom our yard was so boring. I grabbed a piece of paper and started designing the whole yard space,” said Seger.

Seger’s passion for woodworking started at a young age by watching her father.

“My dad worked in the lumber field forever,” added Seger. “I feel closer to my dad when I work out here. I lose myself. It’s the best therapy ever.”

All of Seger’s wood carving instruments have their correct place, and even her wood is stacked neatly categorized along the length of her wall. A black walnut, Seger’s favorite, sits right in front of her as she works. The majority of her wood comes from her visits to her seventh grade teacher’s farm. She selects from a variety of cedar, black walnut, ponderosa pine, and maple burl.

“I’ll drive up ten miles into the mountains to Mr. Pender’s property,” said Seger. “For us kids, he was like a father or grandpa you didn’t have. Mr. Pender takes me on his John Deere tractor to select wood, and he says to get whatever I need.”

Although Seger is humble, her work speaks of her talent as she receives high praise from friends and neighbors.

Rick Smith found Seger’s work through a friend and asked for a project crafted by Seger to surprise his wife. “The creativity and craftsmanship I received was honestly shocking. It was beautiful and we absolutely love it,” said Smith.

Seger’s most recent design was a lifesize perfume bottle with shards of glass she hand crushed. Although her designs take some time, Seger savors every moment she gets to spend in her shop.

In two years, she has made over 50 pieces during her evenings and weekends. Seger’s hope is to own her own shop and create an awe factor in her work. Her goal is to make this woodworking hobby a career and work all day in her shop to create wine racks, home decor and more.

For more of Seger’s work, visit: If you have questions or would like to contact Seger, call: 971-217-4755.

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