Mayor’s Corner: April 2022

Jason Snider, Mayor's Corner
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Each month, I hear from hundreds of community members on a wide range of topics, from animal stamps on sidewalks to the desire for a disc golf course in Tigard. I want to share some of the recent questions that I’ve received along with my answers. Let’s start with a fun one.

What is the story with the animal stamps on the sidewalks in downtown? I’ve seen a hummingbird, a turtle, and a frog. Good eye! There is a story behind the animal stamps. They were added to the sidewalks during the Burnham Street project in 2011. School children designed the stamps to raise awareness about local endangered species.

What is happening on Highway 217? Short answer: a lot! The longer answer is: The state is improving safety and reducing bottlenecks by adding auxiliary lanes (ramp-to-ramp connections) between Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy and OR 99W. I encourage you to learn more on the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) website at

Who can I contact about illegally loud cars on Hall Boulevard? I recommend promptly calling the Police non-emergency line at 503-629-0111.

When will the road on Hall between Durham and McDonald be repaired? The potholes have gotten bad. Hall is a state-owned road. You can report those potholes to ODOT by calling 971-673-6200. You can report potholes on city-owned and maintained roads by using the online form at

Does the city offer passport services? We stopped offering passports in 2018. However, you can apply for a passport at the City Hall in King City or Lake Oswego.

The oak tree in my neighbor’s yard is overgrown. Do you have a schedule for trimming trees? We do not maintain trees located on, or adjacent to, private property. This is the responsibility of the property owner, particularly if there are encroachments and obstructions of the public right-of-way or involving dead or dying, hazardous trees. If the tree obstructs the public right-of-way, I recommend submitting a code compliance request at

I am tired of hearing leaf blowers while I am on my patio. Is there an ordinance for when they must stop? I understand your frustration. Leaf blowers are allowed between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm, seven days a week. If you are hearing this noise outside of these hours, you can report it at

I am excited about the Lasich Lane development. Will a disc golf course be included? Our team will be reaching out to sports groups and community members for their input. This input will help guide our decisions on what to include at the site. I encourage you to reach out to our Infrastructure Manager, Rick Gruen (, to share your suggestions.

Please keep filling up my email inbox with questions and input! I can be reached at

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