Mayor’s Corner: July 2023

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July marks the middle of the calendar year and the unofficial start of summer here in Tigard. It’s also the beginning of the City of Tigard’s fiscal year. After many months of planning, on June 13, the City Council approved and officially adopted our new budget plan for this fiscal year. As of July 1, that plan is in action. 

Our new budget reflects our values and upholds our commitment to Tigard’s long-term fiscal health, all while making much-needed investments in the City Council’s core goals: Reducing houselessness, addressing our impact on the climate crisis, modernizing our city services, and making our communities safer and more accessible for all. 

In the budget plan – and in everything I do at the City of Tigard – I’m always thinking about Tigard’s next generation. The policy decisions we make today will impact Tigard’s young people, and I want the best for Tigard’s next generation. I believe in leaving things better than I found them.

That’s one reason why hearing from all voices in our community is so important to me. Fortunately, here in Tigard, we’ve taken steps to ensure that the next generation is at the table helping shape decisions – literally. In 2019, we created a program allowing the Mayor to appoint one Tigard resident entering their junior or senior year of high school to serve as a non-voting, de facto member of the Tigard City Council. 

At the June 27 Council meeting, I had the honor of recognizing the incredible work of Youth Councilor Aishiki Nag and thanking her for her service to our community. Youth Councilor Nag’s term ended on June 30, 2023, and she made a huge impact on voter registration, youth engagement, and keeping climate at the center of decisions. 

We also welcomed Madeline Vogel, who was appointed as the next Youth City Councilor for a one-year term that began on July 1, 2023. Youth Councilor Vogel was chosen for her commitment to Tigard’s youth and her excitement around the opportunity to impact decision-making and represent our youth’s voice. She plans to focus on building the legacy of Tigard’s healthy walking community and lessen the environmental damage for future generations.

Having the perspective of our Tigard youth in decision-making has expanded our thinking and made our policies even stronger. Representation matters, and I am committed to ensuring more voices are at the table. You will find that commitment in our adopted budget, and you will see that at our Council meetings, on the dais. 

I value input from all parts of our community – you can always reach me at 971-435-0964 or, or you can connect to the whole City Council at

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