Tasty Sushi and Street Food-Inspired Eats: Momo Sushi & Grill Opens in Tigard

The full spread: prawn fried rice, sake sashimi, assorted rolls, and pork gyoza. It’s tough to know what to try first! Michael Antonelli/Tigard Life
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Want to try a new restaurant in the new year? Look no further than Momo Sushi & Grill, located in Tigard’s Carman Shopping Center. Having just opened in October 2023, this restaurant offers a wonderfully varied selection of inventive sushi rolls, rich curry dishes, and street-food-inspired fare all in one place. 

Momo Sushi & Grill owner Kevin Long.

The restaurant is an open and inviting space. Warm lights hang from the high ceiling, and painted murals of the Japanese countryside and cinematic, historical portraits line the walls. Throughout your meal at Momo Sushi & Grill, you’ll likely catch regulars ordering drinks and rolls at the bar as staff greet them like friends.  

I was nearly overwhelmed by the menu’s expansive selection, and restaurant manager Kamelia was happy to offer recommendations. We started the meal with the Gyoza appetizer, a pork and vegetable dumpling made from a secret family recipe. These dumplings are filled with pork and vegetables, and the dumpling is fried and perfectly crispy. With so many appetizers to choose from, we couldn’t pick just one. We also tried the chicken satay, skewered chicken paired with a peanut sauce that is made in-house. Based upon traditional Indonesian chicken satay, the dish is imbued with a unique smokey flavor and scrumptious spices! 

Now to the main courses. We first tried the sake sashimi, one of my favorites on the menu, which was beautifully plated and remarkably fresh. The serrano pepper atop the salmon added a spicy kick, while the fish eggs scattered over the dish gave each bite a subtle crunch. Next up was the Blazin’ Blazer, one of the restaurant’s most popular rolls. This wildcard of a roll is stuffed with salmon, white tuna, avocado, cream cheese, and sweet bean curd. Did I mention it was also deep-fried? This can’t-miss roll is topped with crab, mango habanero sauce, habanero flying fish roe, and fried onions. Its spice and bold flavor may not be for the faint of heart, but those unwilling to try it are surely missing out. 

There are also plenty of grilled eats and street food-inspired dishes on the menu. We tried the chicken curry, unique in its use of traditional Indonesian spices. The result is the best afternoon comfort food you could ask for, with ample amounts of chicken and vegetables in a slightly sweet curry sauce. Guests can also try the prawn fried rice, served with a remarkably generous portion of prawns and vegetables.

The rich, flavorful selections make nearly every dish offered at Momo Sushi & Grill feel like comfort food. Many are made from traditional Indonesian recipes based on restaurant owner Kevin Long’s dedicated experience as a chef in Japanese restaurants. “My father’s family are all chefs. They’re from Sumatra, Indonesia,” he shared. “If people would come to our house, my grandma would sneak out and go to the closest grocery store, run back, and start cooking something.” Kevin’s lifelong passion for food inspired him to pursue working in the restaurant industry. Opportunities to train with top chefs from Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto soon got him “hooked” on cooking and making sushi.

Kevin and business partner Zhi opened up the new location in Tigard after winning hard-earned success in Lake Oswego. When asked what made them take the plunge and open in Tigard, Kevin says, “I’ve lived in this town for nearly twenty years now.” Though it was a “long journey,” as Kevin described, what kept his drive to open a location here was his love of cooking and his dedicated staff (many of whom have taken on management positions in the new location). “I want to make sure everyone is happy and enjoys my food,” he says. “That’s what keeps me in the restaurant business.”

Kevin Long’s passion for sharing food with the community is undeniable as soon as you walk through the doors of Momo Sushi & Grill. With a personable atmosphere and a menu that offers a vast array of selections, it’s the perfect choice for a dinner out or lunch with the family!

Momo Sushi & Grill is located at 15989 SW 72nd Ave. in Tigard. For menu, hours, or Lake Oswego location, visit www.momosushigrill.com or call 971-384-3157

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