THS Performing Arts Students being Overlooked?

North side of Tigard High School.
North side of Tigard High School. Photo by Henry Kaus.
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Why do performing art students at Tigard High continue to be overlooked?

Athletes at Tigard High school often take for granted the resources they have access to. Whether it’s the new uniforms they just received, or being able to talk with a coach in the new athletic office, or utilizing the brand-new courts, or the brand new turf the school has added. But what most people in the community of high school sports don’t realize is that there is a widely unappreciated group of hardworking students within the same school.

Performing arts have always been at the end of the line when it comes to priorities within the school. From taking away crucial instrument storage space to provide more classrooms, to not even giving orchestra so much as a mention in the latest yearbook, performing arts students often feel that the Tigard High community does not take us seriously. And there are plenty more examples of instances that make us feel this way. Some of these instances include: theater being unable to have a single live performance this year, band and orchestra being given poor details and communication when trying to find a location for their concert, and the school making schedule changes without considering the consequences they will have on performing arts.

While sports are important and provide a good outlet for many students, performing arts does the same, and they deserve equal access to the resources they need to continue to go on. Without performing arts, there would be no holiday carolers, theater performances for the community, or music at football and basketball games. So maybe next time the school decides to build a new room for the lifetime fitness class, they could also consider adding more practice rooms, dressing rooms in the auditorium, and any other resource that the various performing arts programs within the school require to go on.

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