Now Playing! September 2023

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ll is almost here! With the changing seasons comes brand new films to watch and stream (and lots of new horror movies on the horizon in October). If you’re in the mood for good television, look no further than Hulu’s The Bear. The show’s bracingly honest and life-affirming second season picks up right where the first left off, with even more food, tension, and heart than the last. Starring Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri, and Jamie Lee Curtis, this is a show you don’t want to miss. Read on for the best films to stream as summer comes to a close.

Asteroid City

2023, Dir. Wes Anderson – Peacock – PG-13 – Comedy/Sci-Fi

Wes Anderson’s latest takes place at a children’s space cadet camp in the middle of the desert. When an altogether unfamiliar and shocking event occurs one fateful night, children and parents alike don’t know how to respond or what life will mean going forward. The movie explores existential questions with Anderson’s usual sly humor, and includes stellar performances from Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, and newcomer Grace Edwards. The bright, technicolor desert landscape is a perfect complement to Anderson’s style, and the sci-fi plot adds an unexpected twist. The movie is admittedly more understated than his previous works, which may not be a welcome change for all viewers. Some of the movie’s most profound moments occur in such brief lines of dialogue that you could nearly miss them altogether. Still, it’s that knack for brevity that has made Wes Anderson continue to stand out over the years.

Happiness for Beginners

2023, Dir. Vicky Wight – Netflix – PG-13 – Romantic Comedy

Happiness for Beginners follows Helen (Ellie Kemper), a recently divorced woman looking to make a change after heartbreak. When she joins a wilderness survival course, she soon discovers that her brother’s best friend has coincidentally signed up for the same trip. Did I mention he’s handsome? You might be able to guess the rest, but that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t an enjoyable watch. Ellie Kemper embraces her role as the serious but open-hearted Helen, and the eccentric and endearing supporting cast give the film a lighthearted, adventurous tone. Even if the story is a little tame, it’s still fun to see how things turn out for Helen and the rest of the group. 

The Banshees of Inisherin

2022, Dir. Martin Mcdonagh – Max (Formerly HBO Max) and Hulu – R – Drama

On a seemingly typical day in the fictional Irish town of Inisherin, Colm Doherty (Brendan Gleeson) decides to end his friendship with Pádraic Súilleabháin (Colin Farrell). As Pádraic becomes increasingly desperate to understand Colm’s reasoning, Colm only becomes more unwavering in his decision. When it comes to endings, after all, there are sometimes no easy answers. What may sound like a simple story ends up exploring life’s complicated and painful realities with nuance, humor, and darkness (which is to be expected from filmmaker Martin McDonagh). The movie was one of my favorites of 2022 and is the director’s best since In Bruges!


2022, Dir. Zach Cregger – Hulu – R – Horror 

A few horror movies have explored nightmare Airbnb scenarios, but none have come close to 2022’s Barbarian. When a young woman checks into her rental for the night, she immediately discovers that the home is already occupied. What follows is a grisly, completely unpredictable battle for survival. The film manages to tackle contemporary social dilemmas with both serious truth and a twisted sense of humor, as only the best horror films can. Starring Justin Long (of Jeepers Creepers fame), Georgina Campbell, and Bill Skarsgård, this terrifying flick is the perfect choice to kickoff Halloween season.

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