The Filling Station Pet Supplies to change hands

New Filling Station Pet Supplies owners Kayla and Kristin Roberts (left) with previous owner, Laura Amiton.
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I had the idea 12 years ago of having a pet supply store with a drive-thru. I already had my first store for several years. I knew customers at that location in Portland were struggling with parking and found that lifting heavy bags of pet supplies was very inconvenient, especially if they had a small child in tow.

My idea was put in motion after I wrote a business plan, hired a business coach to help me work out the kinks, and took out a loan with a local community bank. I researched areas that lacked a local pet supply store from Vancouver to Salem, and finally found the spot in Tigard that checked all my boxes. I was so excited!

The Filling Station Pet Supplies in Tigard was born on July 15, 2015. The response from the community has been very positive, and deep relationships have been cultivated. I have watched your pets grow up and older, I have cried and privately grieved beside you when you’ve lost your animals, and my team and I have helped create an atmosphere where pet owners can get help when navigating the confusing world of pet food. I have been deeply committed to the community we serve and have loved that you have trusted us to work with you for the past eight years.

The time has come for me to pass the baton. Significant staff shortages at both of my locations have diluted my ability to be present, quite literally, that this store so deserves and needs. I am very happy to announce that as of September 1, I will be stepping away to allow The Filling Station in Tigard to have new owners that can be on-site full-time to even better support our pet community.

Let me introduce Kayla and Kristin Roberts. Kayla and Kristin have over 20 years of combined experience in the pet industry. Kristin is an experienced groomer, and Kayla managed a local, holistic pet supply store for over nine years. Together, they own Goat & Bear Grooming Salon in the same building. Kristin runs the grooming shop, and Kayla has been helping Kristin get it off the ground for the past two years. Knowing Kayla’s background, I approached her as I thought she and Kristin would be perfect for taking over my business. “Our pets are our children, and we treat them that way. We want to help others give their pets the best care and products they need so that they can live a long, healthy and fun life”, said Kayla.

I have 100% confidence in what’s to come. Services such as drive-thru, our online store with auto-ordering capability, delivery and the famous bags of chocolates handed out on checkout will all remain! I am also happy to report that every member of the TFS Pets team will be staying and understand that changes like these may bring many questions. They are ready to help you. The quality of the products will remain the same. Kayla and Kristin firmly believe in the products we carry and will not stray from our high standards. You will see some additional items, especially with toys and treats, so exploring the store with more to choose from will be exciting.

What about the name?

I do own the name The Filling Station Pet Supplies. In the next several months, you will see a new name as they make this transition. I hope you will tell all your friends and neighbors to help reduce any concerns.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my store and my dream, especially my parents, Karrie and Marshall Amiton and my partner Laurie Radmacher. I also want to thank every employee, past and present, who has worked at The Filling Station Pet Supplies Tigard for their dedication and hard work. I am very proud of them and am grateful for their support while working with me. I want to thank Michael Antonelli of Tigard Life. He has been a fantastic support as a friend, colleague, and by allowing me to offer monthly articles in your local newspaper. And I especially want to thank you. I will cherish the relationships and encourage you to embrace Kayla and Kristin as they embark on this new and very special adventure.

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