Downtown Tigard Business Spotlight: Wags Pet Resort

The happiest dogs spend their days at Wags.
The happiest dogs spend their days at Wags.

With calls for employees to head back to the office, many of our furry friends are asked to pay the emotional toll. This transitionary period lays the guilt on pretty thick for dog parents whose K9 companions belt agonizing howls, as they voraciously try to dig their way through the front door. If this resonates with you, the good news is … you have options!

Located on Main Street in Tigard, Wags Pet Resort acts as a refuge for the anxious pup separated from their human. Whether it’s doggy daycare for those back-to-office days, short-term boarding for a vacation, or finding long-term behavioral solutions, Wags’ menu of options can be curated to soothe the transition for you and your pup.

Cassie Strickler, owner of Wags Pet Resort, notes this time is particularly difficult for pups and their owners because they’ve come to know and rely on consistently being around their humans. Aside from seeking behavioral training or daycare services, she offers the following advice: “Enrichment activities are a great way to keep your dog busy and stimulate their mind. At Wags, some of our favorite things to use are Kongs, Wobblers, and Toppls. Something as simple as an egg carton or a snuffle mat is effective as well! I also suggest working to build your pup’s confidence in themselves. It’s important to help them learn that there is a world beyond just you, and that new things aren’t scary!”

What do we love about Wags Pet Resort? Simple, they use all positive techniques for behavioral management—which means you won’t see any air horns, spray bottles, or shock collars lying around. The five trainers on staff ensure the approach they use is in the best interest of the dogs they are entrusted with caring for. Visit their website to learn more:

While Main Street is under construction, Wags and other businesses on Main Street are still accessible. Construction is typically paused on Fridays and weekends, parking is available, and signage will help you navigate around the construction zones. Learn more about the Main Street Green Street project and construction impacts at